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Wingstop vs Buffalo Wild Wings: Which is Better?

Last Updated on February 27, 2024 by Lauren Beck

Buffalo Wild Wings, also known as B Dubs, has been a strong contender since its establishment in 1982, specializing in delicious dishes and unique sauces such as the Doritos-inspired and Truffalo varieties.

However, critics favor Wingstop’s wings and sauces. We conducted a taste test to settle the Wingstop vs. Buffalo Wild Wings debate.

Let’s unveil the ultimate winner

Comparing Wingstop & Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo’s stay in the business is longer than Wingstop’s, but people have divided views regarding their dishes.

Both are flavorful, but eating at Buffalo’s can be more comfortable because of their sports and grill house ambiance. 

Wingstop’s atmosphere is like a typical fast-food chain. They have great-tasting fries, and their Lemon Pepper and Asian Zing give customers a refreshing option other than the usually hot and sweet flavors. 

Head-to-Head Comparison 


B Dubs was founded by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery in 1982. Anchor Bar is miles away from Ohio.

There is absolutely nothing in the area that serves authentic-tasting Buffalo wings with crispy skin, so they decided to open their own. 

On the other hand, Wingstop opened in 1994 in Garland, Texas. They were privately owned, but in 1997 they were open to the public and had their first franchise. They now have 1,413 branches all over the world. 


A mountain of Chicken Wings

B Dubs has 26 chicken wings flavors, including the Mango Habanero, Spicy Korean, and the all-time garlic flavor wing.

They also have 21 types of appetizers, 12 chicken burger variants, three types of bird dawgs, and nine meat burger types. 

Wingstop’s varieties are only a few, with interesting flavors like the Lemon Pepper Wings, blue cheese [1], and celery dip.

Most people order and eat their french fries more than any wing variant. 

Best Seller Flavors

Buffalo’s best sellers are the Mango Habanero, Chipotle BBQ, Parmesan Garlic, and the classic Buffalo wing variant.

They also have the Asian Zing, which has the right blend of ginger, pepper, and spice. You’d get 360 calories from 6 regular or boneless wings. 

Wingstop’s Garlic parmesan is sought after for its “mild” flavor, while atomic wings are the spiciest.

Beneath the spicy taste is a delicious meat, but you have to be ready for the extreme heat. Ten Wingstop chicken would equal 550 calories. 


B Dubs has a total of 1,279 restaurants all over the US. They have restaurants in Asia, particularly the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, India, and United Arab Emirates. They also have outlets in Panama, Mexico, and the UK. 

Wingstop has over 1,200 locations in the US and more outside the US. They branched out in Asia countries such as Singapore, China, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates.

They also have stores in France, Mexico, and Canada.


Dining at B Dubs gives you a more welcoming vibe with the sports bar grill theme.

Anyone can chow down and choose anything on the menu, regardless of age and gender. You can also order ahead by using their app online and pick it up from their counters.

Wingstop may not have the same enjoyable venue as B-Dubs because the place looks like a typical fast-food restaurant. But they optimized their app for easy takeout orders with easy-to-track riders. 

Price Point

If you hadn’t eaten at B Dubs and Wingstop yet, you wouldn’t know the huge difference in their prices.

B Dubs is more expensive as they charge per chicken piece- regardless of size. 

Wingstop’s prices are more reasonable though they do not have widescreen TVs mounted on the walls for their customers. 


Is Buffalo Wild Wings or Wingstop better?

Buffalo Wild Wings is better than Wingstop because of the flavors of the food they are serving, except for the fries.

Their dry rubs are ingenious, but not everyone prefers dry chicken seasoning over sauce. 

What is Wingstop’s most popular flavor?

Wingstop’s most popular flavor is original hot. It is not an extraordinary hot sauce, but it has been around since it opened in ‘94.

The heat is pretty spot on; the butter and all the other flavors in the ingredients are blended well, which makes it savory.

Who’s the King of Wings?

Buffalo Wild Wings earns the title of King of Wings, providing a delightful dining experience where friends can relish delectable wing varieties alongside a refreshing beer in an inviting atmosphere.

Their wings triumph with a diverse flavor spectrum, spanning from savory to sweet and spicy. Their success lies not solely in their sauces but in the meticulous seasoning that enhances every bite.

Meanwhile, Wingstop remains a formidable contender, offering wings that don’t fall far behind, accompanied by the added bonus of exceptional fries.

Both establishments promise a memorable wing adventure, ensuring satisfaction for wing enthusiasts everywhere.


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