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Why Does Bottled Water Make My Mouth Dry?

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Lauren Beck

Bottled water is widely used due to its convenience and wide availability. Yet, you may experience dryness in your mouth when consuming bottled water, causing you to question the reason behind it.

So, today, we’ll discuss why bottled water makes your mouth dry and what causes it to happen. Let’s start! 

Does Bottled Water Make Your Mouth Dry? 

We can’t be sure if the bottled water we’re drinking is filtered or distilled using the best technology to ensure its freedom from microbes-causing diseases. There’s a big chance that the bottled water is already contaminated, causing your mouth to feel dry or dehydrated. 

Why Does It Happen? 

Bacteria & Virus

Dry mouth occurs because of bacteria or viruses in your mouth when you drink contaminated water infected with microbes. The infection could lead to various complications, such as mouth sores, cracked lips, and yeast infection. Drinking unclean water sources, such as from a stream or a poorly-maintained well, can pose a threat. 

Also, if the water smells foul, you should immediately throw away the contaminated water. Although some chemicals can be used to kill harmful germs, dry mouth is still a side effect of poisoning. 

Metal Poisoning

Another possibility of causing dry mouth is metal poisoning. Symptoms such as fatigue and mouth pain can also occur before the dry mouth begins. A well-designed water purification system can remove various harmful chemicals and microbes from the water, which can help alleviate discomfort and improve the appearance of the mouth.

Does Bottled Water Dehydrate You?

a glass of water

No, bottled water should hydrate you instead. When you drink bottled water, and you keep feeling thirsty, chances are, the water is contaminated, making you dehydrated, and causing dry mouth. 

In the worst-case scenario, drinking contaminated bottled water may impose the risk of gastrointestinal illness, neurological disorders, or reproductive problems if ignored over time.  

What Type of Water is Best For Dry Mouth? 

Alkaline water is what our medical professionals highly recommend drinking to increase the pH [1] (power of Hydrogen or potential of Hydrogen) to balance your oral environment. While getting enough water helps relieve dry mouth, you must know what type of water is best for that condition.

Alternatively, you can drink purified water to stay hydrated, preventing a dry mouth. Besides, it helps better digestion and body detoxification and promotes clear skin. 


What is the healthiest water to drink?

The best water to drink is one that’s free of contaminants and pathogens but still has essential minerals. If you like a more natural and pure alternative, look no further than spring water or artesian water. Both of these contain high levels of minerals and are free of pathogens.

Are water filters better than bottled water?

Filtered water is better than bottled water. It is not just because it’s cheaper, but you can take advantage of technology as filtered water usually undergoes Reverse Osmosis [2] or Microbiological Filtration, ensuring high-quality water filtration. It is much safer to drink compared to bottled water. 

In Summary

You should always remember that not all bottled waters are good for our health. Knowing how the water is processed is important to safeguard yourself from simple dry mouth to severe diseases. We highly suggest that you “think before you drink.” 

When you feel your mouth dry after drinking bottled water, the water is probably contaminated with microbes or there’s metal poisoning happening in your system. So, better be meticulous with the water you drink than risk your health.


Lauren Beck

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