What to Wear to a Fine Dining Restaurant?

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Fine dining restaurants, known for their upscale food and drink, cater to business professionals and tourists in major cities.

When dressing for such establishments, consider the dress code. Men may need a suit and tie, while women should lean towards slightly more formal attire, avoiding casual items like jeans or sneakers.

If uncertain, inquire with the restaurant or seek advice from someone who has dined there before.

What is the casual elegant dress code at a restaurant?

The casual elegant dress code at a restaurant is not as formal as what you would wear to a wedding or black-tie affair, but it is still nicer than your everyday clothes.

For men, this might mean a collared shirt and dress pants with dress shoes. For women, a nice blouse or dress with heels would be appropriate.

You should avoid anything too revealing or sloppy and ensure your clothing is free of any stains or wrinkles.

How to Dress for a Five-Star Restaurant

Here are a few general tips to keep in mind when dressing for a five-star restaurant:

  • Dress formally. This means a suit or sport coat for men and a dress or skirt for women.
  • Avoid clothing with holes or stains.
  • Wear dark, neutral colors like black, gray, or navy.
  • Leave casual clothes like jeans, sweatshirts, and sneakers at home.
  • Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free.
  • Women may want to consider wearing heels.
  • Accessories are generally fine, but avoid anything too flashy.

Remember that the dress code at a five-star restaurant may be more strict than what is listed here.

If you’re unsure about what to wear, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and dress up rather than down.

Can you wear jeans to fine dining?

woman standing in living room trying on denim pants

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. It really depends on the specific restaurant you’re planning on visiting.

Some fine dining establishments are more casual, while others are quite formal.

If you’re not sure what the dress code is, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and dress up a bit.

Can I wear sneakers for fine dining?

No, you cannot. Wearing sneakers at a fine dining restaurant would be considered inappropriate and would likely result in you being asked to leave.

What is casual elegant for a woman?

Casual elegant dress for women typically includes clothing such as slacks, a blazer, a nice shirt or blouse, and dress shoes.

What is an elegant dress code?

The dress code “elegance” is typically reserved for more formal occasions.

If you’re unsure whether or not your event qualifies as elegant, it’s best to err on the side of caution and dress up a bit.

Some examples of clothing that would be appropriate for an elegant dress code include a cocktail dress, a nice blouse, and skirt, or a little black dress.

How do I look casually elegant?

Assuming you have the appropriate clothing items, looking casually elegant is all about putting them together in a way that looks effortless yet still stylish.

For instance, you might pair a blazer with jeans and a tee shirt or wear a dress with flats and a cardigan.

The key is to avoid looking too stiff or formal while still looking put-together.

What is the difference between fine and casual dining?

The main difference between fine dining and casual dining is the level of formality [1].

Fine dining is typically a more formal affair, while casual dining is more relaxed. As such, the dress code for each type of restaurant will reflect this difference.

At a fine dining establishment, you can expect to see people dressed in their best clothes, while a casual dining spot might be more relaxed regarding what people are wearing.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, so it’s always best to check with the restaurant beforehand to see what their dress code is.

What shoes should I wear to a restaurant?

The type of shoes you should wear to a restaurant depends on the dress code. For a casual dining spot, you can get away with wearing anything from sandals to sneakers.

However, if you plan on going to a fine dining establishment, it’s important to dress up a bit more.

Some good shoe options for a fine dining restaurant include dress shoes, heels, or even flats.

Just make sure you avoid any shoes that are too loud or attention-grabbing, as they can be disruptive to other diners.

What do you wear to a fancy dinner in the winter?

In the winter, you can still wear a cocktail dress or a nice blouse and skirt to a fancy dinner. However, you might want to add some layers to keep warm.

A cardigan, wrap, or shawl can be a good way to add some extra warmth without sacrificing style.

You can also opt for a pair of pants instead of a skirt. If you do choose to wear pants, make sure they are dressy enough for the occasion.

A nice pair of black trousers or dressy jeans should work well.

Is it OK to wear trainers with a dress?

No, it is not appropriate to wear trainers with a dress, regardless of the dress code.

Trainers are considered casual footwear, so they should be avoided in formal or semi-formal settings.

Is There Such Thing as Casual Fine Dining?

Yes, casual fine dining is a concept that blends the elegance and attention to detail of traditional fine dining with a more relaxed and approachable atmosphere.

It aims to offer a refined dining experience without the strict dress codes or formalities often associated with traditional fine dining establishments.


Dressing impeccably for fine dining elevates the experience. For men, a suit and tie exude sophistication, but some places allow business casual.

Ladies should opt for chic dresses or tailored pantsuits. Always check the dress code beforehand, respecting the establishment’s guidelines.

Dressing appropriately shows respect and enhances the ambiance of the shared experience.


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