What to Do With Duck Neck and Giblets?

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Ah, the delightful world of duck cooking! As a seasoned cook with a penchant for delicious culinary adventures, I’ve often found that duck necks and giblets are hidden gems waiting to be explored. 

Join me as we uncover eight exciting ways to make the most of these flavorful treasures. From rich broths to crispy snacks, let’s quack our way to culinary delights with duck neck and giblets!

8 Things to Do With Duck Neck and Giblets:

  1. Rich Duck Stock: Simmer duck neck and giblets with aromatics and vegetables to create a rich and savory duck stock. This golden elixir will elevate your soups, stews, and sauces to new heights of flavor.
  2. Duck Neck Broth: Slow-cook duck necks with herbs and spices to make a delectable and nourishing broth. Sip it alone or use it as a base for comforting duck noodle soup.
  3. Crispy Duck Neck: Season and roast duck necks until they become crispy. These delightful duck neck chips make for a tasty and unique snack.
  4. Giblet Gravy: Turn those giblets into a sumptuous gravy to drizzle over your roasted duck. The combination of flavors will have everyone asking for seconds.
  5. Savory Stuffing: Finely chop the giblets and incorporate them into mouthwatering stuffing for your duck or other poultry dishes. The giblets add a delightful depth of flavor.
  6. Duck Neck Jerky: Marinate duck necks in your favorite blend of spices and dehydrate them to make savory duck neck jerky, perfect for snacking on the go.
  7. Giblet Pâté: Create a luxurious pâté by blending cooked giblets with butter, herbs, and seasonings. Spread it on crusty bread for an elegant appetizer.
  8. Duck Neck Brochette: Skewer and grill seasoned duck necks for a delectable and visually stunning dish. Serve them as a unique and flavorful appetizer at your next gathering.

What Are the Benefits of Duck Necks?

  • Rich in Collagen: Duck necks are packed with collagen, which is great for skin health and joint support.
  • Flavorful Broths: When used to make broth, duck necks infuse it with a rich and hearty taste that enhances various dishes.

Can You Eat Duck Organs?

Absolutely! Duck organs, such as the heart, liver, gizzard, and kidneys, are all edible and boast unique flavors that can elevate your culinary creations.

Are Duck Giblets Edible?

Duck Neck and Giblets

Yes, duck giblets, including the heart, liver, and gizzard, are edible and flavorful [1]. They are often used in traditional dishes and make delightful additions to various recipes.

How Do You Prepare Giblets to Eat?

To prepare duck giblets, start by cleaning them thoroughly. Remove any membranes or excess fat. 

You can then cook them by simmering, sautéing, or roasting them with your favorite seasonings until they are tender and delicious.


In conclusion, duck neck and giblets are culinary delights that should never be overlooked. With their rich flavors and versatile uses, they add depth and excitement to your dishes. 

The possibilities are endless, from creating savory broths to crafting crispy snacks and gourmet pâtés. As a seasoned cook, I can assure you that exploring these flavorful treasures will elevate your culinary adventures to new heights. 

So, embrace the quack-tastic journey and let your creativity soar with duck neck and giblets. Get cooking and savor every mouthwatering moment!


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