What Kind Of Tortillas Does Chipotle Use? (2023 Updated)

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Chipotle Mexican Grill is famous for its tortillas. These tortillas are the staple ingredients for signature food dishes like tacos, salads, and chips. They are made fresh daily and tested extensively, which sets them apart from other restaurant tortillas in the industry. 

But what kind of tortillas does Chipotle use and what makes them so special? Keep reading to find out!

What Tortilla Does Chipotle Restaurants Use?

Chipotle uses different types of tortillas for its menus. The corn tortillas are used for the tacos, while the flour tortillas are used for the quesadillas and burrito bowls. 

The difference between the two Chipotle tortillas is their flavors. The corn tortillas have a slightly sweet taste, while the flour tortillas have a more neutral flavor.

Who Supplies Their Tortilla?

Chipotle has worked with many tortilla suppliers since they started business. One of their suppliers is Pancho Authentic Mexican Foods.

According to Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle, the company aims for their new tortillas to be on an industrial scale. As a result, the new recipes now include between two and five ingredients [1].

Does Chipotle Make Their Own Tortillas?

Yes, Chipotle makes its own tortillas using tortilla presses. It is the first chain restaurant to make its own tortillas. The new flour tortillas are made using only wheat flour, water, canola oil, salt, and yeast.

Chipotle has invited Dr. Stephen Jones, a plant geneticist, from the Bread Lab to improve the restaurant’s new tortillas further. Chipotle then gave the facility a tortilla press as a gift for helping tweak their new recipes.

Are Chipotle Tortillas Made Of Corn?

Yes, Chipotle tortillas are made of corn. They are made from two main ingredients: corn masa flour and water. The other ingredients are mineral lime and sunflower oil. 

But for their tortilla chips, they also use additional ingredients. It includes a squeeze of lime juice, sunflower oil and water, and kosher salt, aside from corn masa flour.

Are They Healthy?

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No, the tortillas from Chipotle are not considered healthy because of the refined carbs. The tortilla alone has around 320 calories. And this can make someone full and sleepy instead of getting energy for the day. 

However, Chipotle offers healthy options to balance the calorie-content of the tortillas. They offer other food options like salads, a burrito bowl, or a kid’s menu as an alternative.

Does Chipotle Give Free Tortillas?

No, Chipotle doesn’t give free tortillas anymore. Instead, the restaurant started charging $0.25 for an additional tortilla on the side [2]. 

Since the pandemic started, people have started to order too many tortillas, and the restaurant couldn’t keep up with the demand back then. So, as a solution, they started charging when you order side tortillas.


What brand tortillas do Chipotle use?

The brand of tortillas that Chipotle uses was not specified. The company partners with several tortilla company manufacturers instead. The reason behind it is to make Chipotle tortillas healthy.  In 2017, they launched their tortilla recipes exclusive for Chipotle restaurants.

What kind of tortillas does Chipotle use for tacos?

Chipotle uses corn tortillas for tacos. It is available in two options: soft or hard-shell tortilla. When you order tacos from the restaurant, you will build your own by choosing available ingredients for that day. 

Some ingredients are guacamole, salsa, queso blanco, sour cream, or cheese, topped with hand-cut romaine lettuce.

What size tortillas does Chipotle use for their burritos?

Chipotle uses 12-diameter tortilla wraps for burritos with soft pliability. However, the size may look smaller once the ingredients are wrapped.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, Chipotle uses additive-free corn and flour tortillas to make their tortillas. They make it using a tortilla press. The restaurant also aims to make artisanal tortillas on an industrial scale. 

The restaurant guarantees that all their tortillas are freshly made daily as they understand the importance of food safety. We like how Chipotle allows you to create your own menu based on the ingredients available from the store.


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