What Is the Best Crackers for Cheese?

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Cheese and crackers are a classic combination loved by many. Whether you’re creating a charcuterie board or simply enjoying a snack, the type of cracker you pair with your cheese can make a significant difference in taste and texture. With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide which cracker is the best for cheese. 

In this article, we will explore what is the best crackers for cheese and answer some common questions about using crackers on a charcuterie board.

10 Best Crackers for Cheese:

There are many types of crackers available in the market, but not all are created equal when it comes to pairing them with cheese. Here are the 10 best crackers for cheese:

  1. Water crackers: Simple, plain, and crispy, water crackers are a popular choice for cheese pairing as they do not overpower the taste of cheese.
  2. Wheat crackers: Whole wheat crackers are nutty, and their earthy flavor complements the flavors of aged cheeses.
  3. Rye crackers: With a hint of sourness, rye crackers are perfect for pairing with mild to medium cheeses like brie or gouda.
  4. Multigrain crackers: These crackers are packed with various grains, seeds, and nuts, giving them a crunchy texture and nutty taste.
  5. Lavash crackers: These are thin, crispy flatbreads that pair well with soft and creamy cheeses like goat cheese.
  6. Rice crackers: Made from rice flour, these crackers are gluten-free and have a light, crisp texture.
  7. Oat crackers: With a nutty flavor, oat crackers are a great option for pairing with sharp cheeses.
  8. Cheese straws: Made with cheddar cheese and flour, cheese straws are a flavorful and crunchy option for cheese pairing.
  9. Pita chips: Pita chips have a sturdy texture, making them perfect for dipping into cheese dips or spreads.
  10. Crostini: Crostini is a thin slice of toasted bread that is brushed with olive oil and can be topped with different types of cheese.

What Kind of Crackers Do You Use on a Charcuterie Board?

When creating a charcuterie board, you should choose crackers that complement the cheese you are serving. Neutral-flavored crackers like water crackers and whole wheat crackers are versatile options that can pair well with any cheese. You can also include a variety of crackers like rice crackers, pita chips, and cheese straws to add some texture and flavor to your board.

Do You Put Crackers On A Charcuterie Board?

Yes, crackers are a standard addition to a charcuterie board. Crackers provide a crunchy and crispy texture that pairs well with cheese and meat. They are also a great vehicle for spreading cheese or dips.

How Do You Display Crackers on a Cheese Board?

stack of cracker

When it comes to displaying crackers on a cheese board, there are a few options. You can arrange them in a separate bowl or a basket next to the cheese or place them directly on the board. 

To prevent crackers from becoming soggy, you can serve them in a separate dish with a lid or use small decorative bowls to hold them.

What Kind Of Crackers Go With A Cheese Ball?

When serving a cheese ball, you should choose crackers that are sturdy enough to hold up the weight of the cheese ball. Options like water crackers, wheat crackers, and pita chips are all great choices for pairing with cheese balls.

What Crackers Go With Manchego Cheese?

Manchego cheese is a hard cheese with a nutty flavor. When pairing with crackers, you should choose crackers that have a mild flavor to not overpower the taste of the cheese. 

Wheat crackers, water crackers, and crostini are all excellent choices for pairing with Manchego cheese.

Best Crackers For Dips

When serving cheese dips, you should choose crackers that can hold up the weight of the dip and have enough flavor to complement the dip’s taste. Pita chips, wheat crackers, and multigrain crackers are excellent options for pairing with cheese dips.

Are Ritz Crackers Good With Cheese?

Ritz crackers are a popular option for pairing with cheese due to their buttery flavor and flaky texture. 

However, they can be overpowering for some types of cheese, so it’s best to pair them with mild cheeses like cheddar or Swiss.

Is Cheese and Crackers a Healthy Snack?

Cheese and crackers can be a healthy snack option if you choose the right type of crackers and cheese [1]. Whole grain crackers, rice crackers, and water crackers are all healthier options than highly processed crackers. 

When it comes to cheese, choose lower fat options like feta or mozzarella instead of high-fat cheeses like brie or cheddar.


Choosing the right cracker to pair with cheese can significantly enhance the taste and texture of your snack or charcuterie board. The best crackers for cheese include water crackers, wheat crackers, multigrain crackers, and rice crackers. When creating a charcuterie board, you can include a variety of crackers like cheese straws, pita chips, and crostini to add texture and flavor. Remember to choose crackers that complement the cheese you are serving, and for a healthier snack option, choose whole grain crackers and lower fat cheese options.


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