What Is a Food Champion at Taco Bell?

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A Food Champion is an important role at Taco Bell. Food Champions are responsible for making sure that our food is prepared and served safely and correctly. They are also responsible for ensuring that our customers have a great experience when they visit our restaurants.

Food Champions play a vital role in keeping our standards high and our food delicious. If you are interested in becoming a Food Champion, read on to learn more about the job.

What Does a Taco Bell Food Champion Do?

The Taco Bell Food Champion is responsible for providing outstanding customer service to all customers and eating guests. They are the face of the company and ensure that each guest has a positive experience from the time they enter the restaurant until the time they leave. In addition, the Food Champion is responsible for preparing food orders according to company recipes and specifications, maintaining a clean and organized work area, and ensuring that all health and safety standards are met.

The Taco Bell Food Champion is a key member of the restaurant team and plays an important role in making sure that each guest has a positive experience.

Taco Bell Food Champion Job Duties

Here’s a closer look at some of the key duties of the Taco Bell Food Champion:

  • Greeting customers and eating guests as they enter the restaurant
  • Taking food orders and entering them into the point-of-sale system
  • Preparing food orders according to company recipes and specifications
  • Checking finished products for quality and making sure they meet the customer’s expectations
  • Maintaining a clean and organized work area
  • Adhering to all health and safety standards

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Taco Bell Food Champion Salary & Outlook

The average salary for a Taco Bell Food Champion is $9 per hour. The position is typically entry-level, so there is little room for advancement. However, those who excel in their role may be able to move into management positions.

The outlook for the position is good, as the restaurant industry is expected to grow by 2.1% from 2018-2028. This growth is slower than the average for all industries, but it is still expected to result in an additional 1 million jobs during that time period.

The number of Taco Bell Mexican restaurants is expected to increase from 7,000 in 2018 to 8,500 in 2028. This growth will result in the need for an additional 14,500 workers. The taco bell industry is a good place to start your career in the restaurant industry.

Taco Bell Food Champion Job Requirements

There are no formal education requirements for the Taco Bell Food Champion position. However, individuals who have completed a high school diploma or GED may have an advantage over those who have not.

The most important requirement for the position is the ability to provide outstanding customer service. Individuals who are friendly, outgoing, and able to handle customer concerns in a professional and efficient manner will be the most successful in this role.

Taco Bell Food Champion Training

Taco Bell offers on-the-job training for the Food Champion position [1]. This training typically lasts for a few weeks and covers topics such as customer service, food preparation, and safety protocols.

Individuals who have previous experience in the restaurant industry may be able to complete their training more quickly than those who do not.

Taco Bell Food Champion Skills

In addition to customer service skills, the Taco Bell Food Champion needs to be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Operate a cash register
  • Enter orders into the point-of-sale system
  • Prepare food according to company recipes and specifications
  • Adhere to all health and safety standards
  • Maintain a clean and organized work area

How to Become a Taco Bell Food Champion

The best way to become a Taco Bell Food Champion is to have previous experience working in the restaurant industry. However, individuals who do not have this experience can still be successful in the role by completing the training program and demonstrating their customer service skills.

Those who are interested in becoming a Taco Bell Food Champion should contact their local Taco Bell restaurant for more information.

Why Taco Bell Likes to Call Its Workers ‘Champions’

Taco Bell has long been known for its unconventional marketing campaigns. The fast food chain is constantly coming up with new and creative ways to get people talking about their brand. One of their more recent marketing stunts was to start calling their employees “champions.”

At first, this may seem like a silly PR move. But upon closer inspection, it’s actually a pretty clever way to get customers to think about Taco Bell in a positive light.

When you think about it, the word “champion” conjures up images of success and victory. It’s someone who has overcome adversity and come out on top. And that’s exactly the type of image that Taco Bell wants its customers to have of its workers.

Taco Bell Food Champion Interview Tips

Here are a few tips to help you ace your Taco Bell food champion interview:

  • Be knowledgeable about the menu. The interviewer will want to know if you’re familiar with the various items on the Taco Bell menu.
  • Be enthusiastic. Show that you’re excited about the opportunity to work for Taco Bell.
  • Be friendly. Remember, one of the main duties of a food champion is to interact with customers. so it’s important that you come across as someone who is friendly and personable.
  • Be prepared to talk about your customer service experience. The interviewer will want to know if you have any previous experience working with the public.
  • Be ready to talk about your availability. The interviewer will want to know if you’re available to work the hours that they need you to.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to impressing the interviewer and landing the job.


If you’re looking for a fun and fast-paced job, then working as a food champion at Taco Bell may be right up your alley. Just be sure to brush up on your customer service skills and knowledge of the menu before your interview.

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