What Do You Call A Large Punch Bowl? Explained!

Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Lauren Beck

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Whether you’re going for a funky or formal vibe, having a large punch bowl can enhance the atmosphere of any gathering. It offers versatility in style and can hold any drink of your choice, from fruit punch to cocktails.

But, what do you call a large punch bowl? Let’s find out! 

What’s A Large Punch Bowl Called?

A large punch bowl, also known as jorum, is a beverage container used to serve various drinks. It is typically large and wide and is made from ceramics, silver, or porcelain, featuring different designs. 

The punch bowl is a versatile serving container that can be used for a variety of drinks, such as mixed drinks and large-format cocktails. Also, it can be used for parties or other festive occasions.

If you throw a party or gathering and fill a bowl with fruit punch or cocktail, you call the bowl a jorum. But, we suggest referring to it as punch bowl as most people address it that way. 

What’s the Capacity? 

Punch bowls differ in size and capacity. The larger the size, the more beverage it can hold. 

Typically, punch bowls hold around 1.5 to three gallons of beverages in a single-serve. But, you can also find punch bowls that can hold more gallons (or litters) of beverages. 

What Do You Serve in A Large Punch Bowl? 


Punch bowls are commonly used to serve various fruits at a gathering. Sometimes, it comes with crushed or cubed ice to preserve the freshness of fruits. 

The most common fruits served in a large punch bowl include pineapple, passion fruit, guava, papaya, pear, apple, mangoes, strawberry, and so on. 


Aside from fruits, large punch bowls are usually served with drinks, either non-alcoholic or alcoholic. 

Non-alcoholic drinks include fruit punch, juice, iced tea, homemade cordial, cranberry spritz, and many more. You can also serve alcoholic drinks [1] such as rum punch, Gaelic punch, and Floodwall punch using a large punch bowl. 


You can also put or serve treats using a large punch bowl to attract the attention of your guests (kids, specifically). 

Though it might sound unusual, you can put assorted treats such as pretzels, candies, potato chips, popcorn, donuts, pancakes, and so on. You can put whatever you wish as long as it can hold the stuff sufficiently. 

Fruit punch


How do you repurpose a punch bowl?

You can repurpose a punch bowl by using it in many different ways. In fact, you can use it as a water bowl, simple glass bowl, salad bowl, soup bowl, pail, or bucket, or use it as a decorative bowl in your house.

What can you use instead of a punch bowl? 

Instead of a punch bowl, you can also use a bundt pan, pitcher, cauldron, or soup tureen to serve drinks, treats, or fruits at the gathering. Alternatively, you can use watermelon or pumpkin shell to hold the punch. 

Key Takeaways 

You usually see a large punch bowl in the middle of the long table at an event or gathering. It typically comes with a number of glasses with a ladle to get a drink or whatever is stored in it. 

Some people call a large punch bowl jorum, but we often refer to it as just a punch bowl. We can say that punch bowls are a classic way to serve drinks as it is still widely favored today.  


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