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What Are the Best Sides to Go With Burgers?

Last Updated on February 25, 2024 by Lauren Beck

Burgers are a beloved staple of American cuisine, enjoyed by many for their convenience and simplicity. Yet, there are times when a burger alone may not be enough to satisfy your hunger. In those instances, a perfectly chosen side dish can complement and enhance the meal.

In this article, we’ll explore what are the best sides to go with burgers, as well as answer some common questions about the healthiness of burgers and their accompanying sides.

25 Best Sides to Go With Burgers

  1. French fries – classic and always a popular choice
  2. Sweet potato fries – a healthier alternative with a sweet twist
  3. Onion rings – crispy and savory, a great complement to a juicy burger
  4. Coleslaw – adds a refreshing crunch to your meal
  5. Macaroni and cheese – a classic comfort food that pairs well with burgers
  6. Baked beans – adds a sweet and tangy flavor to your meal
  7. Potato salad – creamy and flavorful, a perfect side for a summer barbecue
  8. Grilled corn on the cob – a tasty and healthy option for a side dish
  9. Garlic bread – adds a flavorful kick to your meal
  10. Fried pickles – a unique and crispy side dish
  11. Tater tots – a fun and nostalgic side that goes well with burgers
  12. Fried okra – a southern classic that adds a crispy texture to your meal
  13. Jalapeno poppers – adds a spicy kick to your burger meal
  14. Mozzarella sticks – a cheesy and crispy option
  15. Caesar salad – a classic salad that pairs well with burgers
  16. Caprese salad – fresh and light, a great complement to a hearty burger
  17. Grilled vegetables – a healthy and flavorful option to balance out your meal
  18. Green bean casserole – adds a creamy and savory element to your meal
  19. Chili – a hearty and filling side that pairs well with burgers
  20. Bruschetta – a light and refreshing side option
  21. Guacamole and chips – adds a creamy and fresh flavor to your meal
  22. Salsa and chips – a classic and flavorful side option
  23. Deviled eggs – a savory and protein-packed side dish
  24. Pesto pasta salad – a fresh and flavorful side dish that complements burgers
  25. Fruit salad – a light and refreshing option for a summer barbecue.

What’s Healthy to Eat With Hamburgers?

When it comes to healthy options, it’s best to stick with sides that are low in calories and high in nutrients. Here are some healthy sides to pair with your burger:

  • Grilled vegetables: Choose veggies like zucchini, bell peppers, and mushrooms to grill alongside your burger.
  • Side salad: Opt for a side salad with a variety of greens and colorful veggies.
  • Fruit salad: Mix together a variety of fresh fruits for a sweet and refreshing side.
  • Sweet potato fries: Sweet potatoes are a healthier alternative to regular fries and are packed with nutrients.

Can I Eat Burgers and Lose Weight?

While it’s possible to lose weight while eating burgers, it’s important to keep portion control in mind. Stick to one burger and pair it with a healthy side, such as a side salad or grilled vegetables. Also, choose lean meats and skip the cheese and mayo to cut down on calories.

Is It Ok to Eat a Burger Once a Week?

juicy cheese burger

It’s okay to eat a burger once a week as long as you are balancing it with healthy choices throughout the rest of the week. Choose a lean meat option and pair it with a healthy side to keep your meal well-rounded.

Are Burgers Healthier Than Chicken?

It depends on the type of burger and chicken you are comparing. A grilled chicken breast is typically lower in calories and fat than a beef burger, but a veggie burger can be a healthy alternative to both.

Are Burgers Healthier Than Salads?

Again, it depends on the type of burger and salad. A salad with lots of greens and colorful veggies can be a very healthy option, but a burger loaded with toppings and cheese can be higher in calories and fat.

Is Burger Healthier Than Pizza?

A plain hamburger without any toppings or cheese can be a healthier option than a pizza loaded with cheese and meat. However, it’s important to keep portion control in mind and pair your burger with a healthy side to make it a well-rounded meal.


Burgers are a classic American food [1] that can be enjoyed with a wide variety of sides. Whether you’re in the mood for something classic like French fries or something a little more adventurous like fried pickles, there’s a side dish out there for everyone. When it comes to healthy options, stick with grilled vegetables, side salads, and fruit salads to keep your meal balanced. While burgers can be a part of a healthy diet in moderation, it’s important to keep portion control in mind and pair your burger


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