Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu & Prices

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Having experienced Texas Roadhouse’s popular steak-focused restaurants firsthand, I can confirm that their catering menu offers a diverse range of options.

Prices vary based on guest count and selected items, covering appetizers like chips, salsa, cheese sticks, and wings, as well as entrees including steak, chicken, ribs, and salmon.

Sides like green beans, mashed potatoes, and corn, along with delightful desserts such as cookies and brownies, round out the catering menu.

Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu & Prices

Party Pans

Feeds about 25 people

BBQ Chicken$95.00
Port Mushroom Chicken$125.00
BBQ Pulled Pork$95.00
BBQ Ribs$149.00
Marinated Beef K-bobs$149.00
Chicken Tenders$75.00
Wings with blue cheese and celery$75.00
Potato Skins$49.00
Rattle Snake bites$75.00
Roasted Chicken (Seasoned or BBQ)$125.00


Each feeds 25 people

Baked Beans4 Quart$19.99
Green Beans4 Quart$19.99
Caesar Salad$19.99
Caesar Salad lg. Bowl$24.00
House Salad$19.99
House Salad lg. Bowl$24.00
Mashed Potatoes with choice of gravy4 Quart$19.99
Potato Salad4 Quart$19.99

Prices per quart

Baked Beans$10.00
Green Beans with Bacon$10.00
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy$10.00
BBQ Sauce$10.00


Feeds about 20 people

Texas Sized BBQ Feast$199.00
Prime Rib Feast$280.00
Chicken 3 Ways$159.00


BrowniesServes 25$30.00
Cheesecake1 Cake$30.00
Apple Pie10 Slices$15.00

Why choose Texas Roadhouse for your catering needs?

  • The menu has a wide variety of items to choose from, whether you are looking for something light or hearty. The portions are also large enough to satisfy big appetites.
  • The food is reasonably priced, and the servings are generous. You can find good value for your money when you order from the Texas Roadhouse catering menu.
  • The restaurant provides a relaxed and comfortable setting that is perfect for any type of event.
  • The staff is friendly and accommodating. They will make sure that your event runs smoothly.
  • The food is fresh and delicious.

How to Order from Texas Roadhouse Catering

ordering food online

To place an order, you can either call the restaurant or visit their website. If you are ordering online, you will first need to create an account.

Once you have logged in, you can browse the menu and add items to your cart.

You can then choose a delivery date and time slot. The earliest time slots may fill up quickly, so it is best to place your order in advance.

You will need to provide a credit card number to complete the transaction. Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation.

You should also receive a call from the restaurant to confirm your order and delivery time.

Popular Catering Choices at Texas Roadhouse

  • BBQ Pulled Pork: This dish is made with tender pork that has been slow-cooked and smothered in a tangy BBQ sauce. It is served with coleslaw and potato salad.
  • Rib & Chicken Combo: This combo platter comes with a half-rack of ribs and your choice of two chicken dishes. The chicken options include BBQ chicken, grilled chicken, and roasted chicken.
  • Cheesecake: This rich and creamy dessert is a perfect ending to your meal. It is served with raspberry sauce.
  • Wings with blue cheese and celery: This appetizer is perfect for sharing. It comes with a delicious blue cheese dipping sauce.

Texas Roadhouse catering is a great option for your next event. The food is reasonably priced, the portions are generous, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. You can order online or by phone. Delivery is available for an additional fee.

Texas Roadhouse History

Texas Roadhouse is a chain of restaurants that was founded in 1993. The first restaurant was opened in Clarksville, Indiana. The company has grown rapidly and now has over 500 locations across the United States.

Texas Roadhouse is owned by a private equity firm. The current CEO is Kent Taylor [1]. Texas Roadhouse has been ranked as one of the best casual dining restaurants in the United States. It has also been named one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the country.


Based on my experience, I can confidently endorse Texas Roadhouse catering as an excellent choice for your upcoming event. Not only does their food boast reasonable prices, but the portions are also notably generous, ensuring no guest leaves hungry.

Moreover, the friendly and accommodating staff enhances the overall catering experience. Ordering is made convenient through online or phone channels, and if you require delivery, it’s available with an additional fee.

Whether it’s a small gathering or a larger celebration, Texas Roadhouse has you covered for your catering needs. Embrace the delicious offerings and enjoy a memorable dining experience that leaves everyone satisfied and smiling.


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