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Subway vs Jimmy John’s: What’s the Better Sandwich?

Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by Lauren Beck

Sandwiches are a staple in our meal choices. Whenever we have a hankering for one, two sandwich establishments immediately come to mind: Subway and Jimmy Johns.

To help you find the right answer on which is the best, we compared the differences between the prices, flavors, menu, and overall shop qualities in this Subway vs Jimmy John’s face-off.

Subway & Jimmy John’s Sandwiches: Face Off

Subway sandwiches are cheaper than Jimmy John’s and have more healthy options in bread and fountain drinks. In contrast, Jimmy John’s is more expensive and has limited options. 

Subway has more branches as well as menu selections than Jimmy John’s. Subway also expanded in other countries, while Jimmy John’s branched out locally.

Jimmy John’s has proved their good delivery service and food quality. Their sandwiches are always excellent. On the other hand, Subway focused on fast expansion, setting aside the food quality.

In-Depth Comparison


Subway was born when Dr. Buck suggested to Fred DeLuca, a student, to open a submarine sandwich shop to help his tuition fee. Dr. Buck invested $1000, and their first restaurant was in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Jimmy John’s founder, Jimmy, had two choices after graduating high school: military or business. He chose sandwiches, and the first Jimmy John’s branch opened in the college town of Charleston, Illinois, in January 1983.


hand holding sandwich

Subway has many satisfying options. There are various fountain drinks, pizza, salads, breads, vegetables, cheese, breakfast sandwiches, sauces, and other items you can customize or have your sandwich toasted.

While at Jimmy John’s menu, only two varieties of bread exist (French and wheat). However, there are still fantastic options, such as 8″ or 16″ subs, Plain Slims, Giant Club Sandwiches, and the J. J. Gargantuan, which you may customize by adding or removing fix-ins.

Quality of Food

An 8″ Classic French bread sub at Jimmy Johns has 280cal, and their 16″ Giant 9-Grain Wheat Sub has 820cal. While an order of 6″ Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt at Subway has 610 cal and 1,340 mg of sodium.

In terms of taste, Jimmy John’s won it with fresh bread, meats, and veggies. Subway’s subs tasted nothing special. Their chips, pizzas, toppings, veggies, and frozen meats are all prepacked.


Subways have a youthful and teen-friendly atmosphere due to their restaurant’s layout and color scheme. While Jimmy John’s is appealing to grownups because of the businesslike ambiance they can relate to.

Subway also expanded to 104 countries and now has approximately 36,800 locations; some are in the US, Canada, and the UK. They have more locations than Jimmy John’s internationally, but Jimmy John’s has more branches locally, with 2700 stores in 43 states.


Jimmy John’s wants their fresh sandwiches cooked fast, especially if you order online. They also deliver fast. Despite the speed in bringing your meal to your table, the pristine flavor of the slight toast club remained.

Ordering a sandwich at Subway could take time because of the option to customize your fix-ins. To wait in the long line might be a hassle, but having your preferred sandwich filling is a good deal.

Price Point 

Jimmy John’s prices are higher compared to Subway. At Jimmy John’s, an 8″ sandwich runs about $6. However, Subway has different options and prices. Each of its footlong sandwiches costs about $6. Price points for the 6″ sandwich are roughly $3.75 to $5. Alongside this, there are meal deals.

Rewards Program

Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Reward program offers complimentary sandwiches on various occasions, including customers’ birthdays, national sandwich days, and other random dates that the management chooses.

Subway uses a conventional method of rewarding its clients. The number of tokens you will receive per order is based on the cost of the item. For every 200 tokens, you’ll get about $2 rebates.


Subway’s menu became the center of controversy last 2021 because of their rumored 50% chicken meat and tuna. A consumer filed a lawsuit against their tuna for being fake and just a mixture of ingredients that imitates tuna taste. [1] 

Jimmy John’s controversy was back in 2012 when a Californian woman complained and filed a lawsuit against the restaurant for the missing alfalfa sprouts in her sandwich.


What’s the healthiest Subway sandwich to order?

The healthiest sandwich at Subway is the Veggie Delight because the patty only has 230cal, 2.5g of fat, 280mg of sodium, and 7g of sugar. It is one of the most popular and healthier options to eat for vegetarians and customers aiming for a healthy sandwich.

Why do people love Jimmy John’s sandwiches?

People love Jimmy John’s sandwiches because of their amazing taste despite being served freaking fast. They freshly served all items on their menu; Salads, cheese, onions, lettuce, and hand-sliced meat.

Nevertheless, clubs and timeliness aren’t only the main reasons people love them; it’s also the friendly service at their store.


The winner in the sandwich battle of Jimmy John’s vs Subway is Jimmy John’s because of its overall satisfaction ratings for food taste and services. Their vegetarian EZ clubs and Unwich option are perfect for health-conscious customers who want nutritious and delicious food to eat.

You should carefully consider your choice of sauces if your health is your top priority. Regular mayonnaise is healthier because light mayonnaise contains a lot of salt. [2] 

Their always new clubs and excellent delivery services are their edges among competitors despite their high prices. Jimmy John’s breakfast sandwiches will surely make your morning great.


Lauren Beck

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