Stop and Shop Catering Menu & Prices

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Stop and Shop is a grocery store chain with locations throughout the northeastern United States. The company offers a wide variety of food items and services, including a catering menu.

The Stop and Shop catering menu features a variety of hot and cold dishes, as well as platters and trays. There are options for both lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast catering. Stop and Shop also offers a number of party platters, including fruit, cheese, sandwich, and vegetable platters.

Prices for catering orders vary depending on the number of people being served and the specific items ordered. The company does offer discounts for large orders. Stop and Shop also offers a delivery service for an additional fee.

Whether you are planning a small gathering or a large event, Stop and Shop catering can help make your event a success. With a wide variety of menu options and competitive prices, Stop and Shop is a great option for your catering needs.

Stop and Shop Catering Menu & Prices

Appetizer Platters

Boars Head Charcuterie TrayServes 12$39.99
Boneless Chicken Tender PlatterMedium$39.99
Boneless Chicken Tender PlatterLarge$64.99
Boneless Chicken Wing PlatterMedium$34.99
Boneless Chicken Wing PlatterLarge$54.99
Condiment PlatterServes 14$19.99
English Cheese BoardServes 8$24.99
Entertainer Large Cheese BoardServes 8$19.99
Entertainer Small Cheese BoardServes 5$9.99
Euro Traveler Cheese BoardServes 8$24.99
French Cheese BoardServes 8$24.99
Fresh Cut Vegetable PlatterSmall$11.99
Fresh Cut Vegetable PlatterLarge$19.99
Fruit & Cheese PlatterSmall$12.99
Fruit & Cheese PlatterLarge$24.99
Italian Cheese BoardServes 8$24.99
Mediterranean PlatterServes 15$34.99
Mini Cheese Tray3 lbs$20.97
Party Favorites Large Cheese BoardServes 8$19.99
Party Favorites Small Cheese BoardServes 5$9.99
Round BouleServes 10$4.99
Spanish Cheese BoardServes 8$24.99
Tomato Mozzarella PlatterServes 15$34.99
Wings of PlentySmall$29.99
Wings of PlentyMedium$45.99
Wings of PlentyLarge$69.99


Homestyle Mashed Potatoes$19.99

Deli Meat & Cheese Platters

Boars Head Build Your Own Meat & Cheese TrayMedium$49.99
Boars Head Build Your Own Meat & Cheese TrayLarge$69.99
Boars Head Lower Sodium TrayServes 16$49.99
Boars Head Primo Italiano TrayServes 16$49.99
Boars Head Savory & Bold TrayServes 16$49.99
Boars Head Signature TrayServes 16$49.99
Boars Head Sweet & Savory TrayServes 16$49.99
Boars Head Sweet & Smokey TrayServes 16$49.99
Boars Head Variety Chicken TrayServes 16$49.99
Boars Head Charcuterie TrayServes 14$39.99
Build Your Own Meat & Cheese TrayServes 16$39.99
Deli Classics TrayServes 14$39.99
Deli Supreme TrayServes 16$49.99
Family Pleasers TrayServes 14$39.99
Fancy Selections TrayServes 14$39.99
Italian Favorites TrayServes 14$39.99

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Trays

Fresh Cut Fruit PlatterSmall$14.99
Fresh Cut Fruit PlatterMedium$19.99
Fresh Cut Vegetable PlatterSmall$11.99
Fresh Cut Vegetable PlatterLarge$19.99
Fruit & Cheese PlatterSmall$12.99
Fruit & Cheese PlatterLarge$24.99

Sandwich Platters

3 Foot Sub

AmericanServes 12$39.39
ItalianServes 12$39.39
TurkeyServes 12$39.39
Boars Head AmericanServes 12$39.39
Boars Head ItalianServes 12$39.39
Boars Head TurkeyServes 12$39.39
High Roller Platter24 pieces$29.99
Kings Hawaiian SlidersServes 12$27.99
Lobster Salad Finger Sandwich PlatterServes 12$69.99
Panini PlatterServes 10$49.99
Ring Bread PlatterServes 12$39.99
Roll Up PlatterSmall$15.99
Roll Up PlatterMedium$29.99
Roll Up PlatterLarge$49.99
Sandwich Wrap PlatterMedium$36.99
Sandwich Wrap PlatterLarge$49.99
Stuffed Pita Pocket PlatterServes 15$34.99

Seafood Platters

High Roller Platter24 pieces$29.99
Lobster Salad Finger Sandwich PlatterServes 12$69.99
Natures Promise Shrimp PlatterMedium$16.99
Natures Promise Shrimp PlatterSmall$12.99

Desserts & Cakes

24 Decorative Cupcake Tray$16.99
Bagel PlatterServes 24$6.99
Boston Crème CakeServes 18$11.99
Celebration Mini Cupcake Platter$7.99
Charlotte Russe Cake$16.99
Cheesecake SamplerServes 8$14.99
Chocolate Truffle BombServes 12$16.99
Fresh Fruit TartServes 10$9.99
Gourmet Cookie PlatterServes 24$10.99
Message Cookie$10.99
Mini Pastry TrayServes 16$15.99
Strawberry Shortcake Single Layer$12.99
Tiramisu CakeServes 12$16.99
White & Chocolate Mousse CakeServes 12$16.99

Custom Cakes

Custom Decorated Cake Round 2 Layer$16.99
Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer1/2 Sheet$34.99
Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer1/4 Sheet$20.99
Custom Sheet Cake 1 LayerFull Sheet$46.99
Custom Sheet Cake 2 Layer1/2 Sheet$47.99
Custom Sheet Cake 2 Layer1/4 Sheet$30.99
Custom Sheet Cake 2 LayerFull Sheet$66.99

How to Order from Stop & Shop Catering

pre-packaged sandwiches displayed in a commercial refrigerator

To place an order from Stop & Shop Catering, customers can visit the website or call the customer service number. Online orders can be placed for pick-up or delivery, and phone orders are only available for pick-up. All orders require a 24 hour notice.


Customers can pick up their orders at any Stop & Shop location. To pick up an order, customers need to bring a valid ID and the credit card used to place the order.


Stop & Shop Catering offers delivery for online orders. The delivery fee is $9.95 for orders under $250 and free for orders over $250. Delivery is available Monday-Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Popular Catering Choices at Stop & Shop

Some of the most popular catering choices from Stop & Shop include the American, Italian, and Turkey 3 Foot Subs, the Boars Head Charcuterie Tray, and the Fresh Cut Fruit Platter. For dessert, the Gourmet Cookie Platter and the Tiramisu Cake are customer favorites.

Stop & Shop History

Stop & Shop was founded in 1914 in Somerville, Massachusetts [1]. The first store was just 16 feet wide and 60 feet deep. Today, Stop & Shop is one of the largest grocery chains in the United States, with over 400 locations across the Northeast. Stop & Shop is a subsidiary of Dutch supermarket company Ahold Delhaize.


Stop & Shop Catering is a great option for budget-friendly, delicious food. The company offers a wide variety of items on their catering menu, including sandwiches, seafood, desserts, and custom cakes. Stop & Shop also has a long history dating back to 1914, making them a reliable and trusted catering choice.


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