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Smashburger vs Five Guys Burger Chains: Taste Test

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Lauren Beck

The renowned hamburger continues to be a cherished fixture in the American culinary scene.

We visited two popular burger restaurants in the country to compare their menu, prices, and food quality. Here’s our Smashburger vs Five Guys face-off. 

Comparing Smashburger and Five Guys Burger

Five Guys was born in the burger industry in 1986 in Virginia by a family with five sons. They came 21 years earlier than Smashburger. But regarding innovations, Smashburger smashed the modern technique and leaped high in the succeeding years.

Despite being established later than Five Guys, Smashburger focused on what the public wanted: a wide selection of menus, unlike Five Guys, which has a very limited selection of menus.

Over the years, Five Guys have expanded in the country with 1200 locations. In contrast, Smashburger has branched out in 32 states and outside the country.

Key Differences


The two burger restaurants were established almost 20 years apart. A family-run business based in Virginia called Five Guys was founded in 1986, while Smashburger, an American burger restaurant in Colorado, debuted in 2007.

Their company names have unique histories that also amuse their customers. Smashburger was known for its unique method of cooking “smashed” burgers on a flat top grill, while the owner’s five sons inspired Five Guys’ name.


Close-up on a chef preparing burgers at a restaurant

Smashburger’s menu is overwhelming and mouth-watering because of so many options other than burgers. Their menu includes chicken sandwiches, salads, and high-end ingredients like avocado and truffle oil.

Unlike Smashburger, the Five Guys menu is not so daunting. They have fries, hot dogs, and soda as add-ons and side dishes for burgers with unlimited toppings of your choice. They also serve milkshakes, but only in selective stores.

Quality of Food

Smashburger’s Angus beef patty has a caramelized taste of the butter as it cooks quickly in a sizzling skillet. You may get a small-sized burger and ask for no butter on the bun to limit calories. Although the sodium content is not ideal, it is still preferable to the regular version.

On the other hand, Five Guys burger calories depend on your preferred type of burger. They also offer different burgers with fresh hand-formed patties topped with bacon, cheese, and unlimited toppings inside a sesame bun.


Smashburger originated in Denver, Colorado. But after successful years, they’re now in 32 States around America and seven countries worldwide. They have also expanded in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Five Guys also boomed over the years. Established in Virginia in the ’80s, they now have 1,200 branches nationwide and more branches and franchises worldwide, some in the United Kingdom and Canada.


Smashburger is clearly going for a premium experience with its hip, cozy interior and gourmet burger concepts. Customers come to this restaurant expecting attentive service, creative flavor combinations, and current flavor trends.

Unlike most burger businesses, Five Guys restaurants have a very different design. Simple, functional tables and chairs are positioned around white tile walls with a distinctive red-checker pattern.


Smashburger’s service is a lot like the modern restaurant; place your order at the counter and wait for the server to bring your meal to your table. While at Five Guys, you order at the counter and pick up your meal at another.

Both restaurants have delivery options, but Five Guys don’t recommend deliveries because it will risk the freshness of burgers.

Price Point

Smashburger’s prices depend on the type of burger you order. The more add-on and toppings, the higher the price. Their burger price starts at around $5 to $9. Their starting price is lower than Five Guys, which is roughly $6. 

At Five Guys, prices depend on burger size, double or single patty, toppings are all free and unlimited, and their prices are roughly $9 and below. Overall price terms, Smashburger is cheaper than Five Guys.


What makes Smashburger different?

What makes Smashburger different is its cooking method for burger patties. Smashing and tossing patties in a sizzling flat-top grill adds juiciness and smokey taste for burger lovers. The added butter on the bun also complements the patty.

What kind of meat do Five Guys use?

The kind of meat that Five Guys use is only fresh ground beef cooked in peanut oil. They don’t have frozen patties because there aren’t freezers in the stores, making the patties fresh and ready for the hot grill.

Are Smashburgers and Five Guys burgers healthy?

Yes, Smashburger and Five Guys burgers are healthy when consumed moderately. All burgers have specific calories, fat, and sodium content tolerable for the body. Meat used in the patty is a good source of protein we need in our daily diet. [1]


Smashburger won the burger face-off for having more selections on the menu than Five Guys. Their services and restaurant ambiance are also convenient for diners. 

They’re also more accessible on delivery than Five Guys. However, Five Guys’ unlimited toppings are a big plus.


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