Red Robin Catering Menu & Prices

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Red Robin, a haven of gourmet burgers and sandwiches, extends its prowess to catering. Their offerings cover corporate events, weddings, and more.

A budget-friendly gem, the corporate lunch package starts at $8 per person for 10, reaching $10-$12 per person for larger groups.

Their diverse menu, spanning appetizers, main courses, sides, and desserts, guarantees satisfaction.

Red Robin Catering Menu & Prices


Baja Dip N Chips$3.00
Classic Mini Wedge Salad$3.00
The O-Ring Shorty$5.00
Pretzel Bites$5.00
Guac, Salsa & Chips$5.00
Reds Bold Boneless Wings (Half Order)$5.00
Fried Pickle Nickels$5.00
Bar Wings n Yukon Chips (Half Order)$5.00
Creamy Artichoke & Spinach Dip$7.00
Chili Chili Con Queso$7.00
Chili Chili Cheese Fries$7.00
Reds Tavern Fries$7.00
Jump Starter Double (Pick 2: Fresh-Fried Zucchini Sticks, Fresh-Fried Mushrooms, Jalapeño Coins, Cheese Sticks, Sweet Potato Fries, & Cheese Curds)$7.00
Great Northern Poutine Fries$9.00
Bar Wings n Yukon Chips$9.00
Towering Onion Rings$9.00
Reds Bold Boneless Wings (Full Order)$9.00

Gourmet Burgers

Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger$9.39
Keep it Simple (with Bottomless Steak Fries or Bottomless Freckled Fruit Salad)$8.99
Grilled Turkey$9.49
The Garden Burger – Vegetarian$8.99
Sautéed Shroom$10.49
Bacon Cheeseburger$10.39
Whiskey River BBQ$10.69
Bleu Ribbon$10.89
A.1. Peppercorn$10.99
Chili Chili Cheeseburger$10.99
Royal Red Robin$10.99
Prime Chophouse$10.79
Guacamole Bacon$10.89
All-American Patty Melt$9.99
Burning Love$10.79
The Wedgie Burger (with Side Salad)$10.49
Add Side of House-Pickled Jalapeños$1.29
Add Patty to Gourmet Burger$1.99

Reds Tavern Burgers

Reds Tavern Double$6.99
The Big Tavern$8.99
Nacho Crunch Tavern Double$7.99
The Big Crunch$9.99
Turbo-Q Tavern Double$7.99
The Big Turbo$9.99
Pig Out Tavern Double$8.49
The Big Pig Out$10.49
Fiery Ghost Tavern Double$8.49
The Big Ghost$10.49
Four Cheese Melt (with Bottomless Steak Fries)$6.99
Tavern Mac n Cheese (with a Side Salad)$6.99
Buzz Mac n Cheese Tavern Double (with Bottomless Steak Fries)$6.99

Red Robins Finest

Smoke & Pepper$13.49
Black & Bleu$14.29
The D.G.B.$12.99
The Southern Charm Burger$13.99
The Marco Pollo$12.99

Other Fun On A Bun

Crispy Chicken$9.99
Whiskey River BBQ Chicken$10.69
Teriyaki Chicken$9.99
California Chicken$10.89
Simply Grilled Chicken (with Bottomless Steak Fries or Bottomless Freckled Fruit Salad)$8.99
Bruschetta Chicken$10.89
Crispy Arctic Cod$10.69

Fresh Salads

Whiskey Rio BBQ$10.39
Simply Grilled Chicken Salad$8.99
Southwest Sombrero$10.49
Crispy Chicken Tender$9.99
Soup & Salad Combo$9.49
Insane Romaine$9.49
Banzai Salad$10.49
Side Traditional Caesar$4.79
House Salad$4.79
Side Grilled Caesar$5.79

Wraps & Sandwiches

Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap$10.19
Caesars Chicken Wrap$10.19
BLTA Croissant$10.69


French Onion SoupCup$3.29
French Onion SoupBowl$4.99
Clamdiggers Clam ChowderCup$3.29
Clamdiggers Clam ChowderBowl$4.99
Chicken Tortilla SoupCup$3.29
Chicken Tortilla SoupBowl$4.99
Reds Chili ChiliCup$3.59
Reds Chili ChiliBowl$5.49
Souper Sandwich Combo (Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap, Caesars Chicken Wrap or BLTA Croissant)$11.79


Reds Nantucket Seafood Scatter (Cod Fillets, Crisply Fried Shrimp, Tender Clamstrips with Coleslaw and Bottomless Steak Fries)$14.99
Reds Nantucket Seafood Scatter (Classic Shrimp & Slaw with Coleslaw and Bottomless Steak Fries)$12.29
Clucks & Fries (with Bottomless Steak Fries)$10.79
Clucks & Shrimp (with Coleslaw and Bottomless Steak Fries)$12.79
Ensenada Chicken Platter (2 Fire-Grilled Chicken Breasts with Side Salad)$12.79
Ensenada Chicken Platter (1 Fire-Grilled Chicken Breasts with Side Salad)$10.29
Buzz Clucks & Mac n Cheese$12.29
Prime Rib Dip (with Coleslaw and Bottomless Steak Fries)$14.69
Arctic Cod Fish & Chips$13.49

Sides & Substitutions

Substitution Side Salad$0.00
Substitution Steamed Broccoli$0.00
Substitution Coleslaw$0.00
Substitution Freckled Fruit Salad$0.49
Substitution Southwest Black Beans$0.49
Substitution Garlic Herbed Fries$0.99
Substitution Sweet Potato Fries$1.49
Substitution Mac n Cheese$1.49
Substitution Soup (Cup)$1.59
Substitution Chili Chili (Cup)$1.79
Substitution Onion Rings$1.49
Substitution Chili Chili Cheese Fries$2.99
Add Coleslaw$1.49
Add Side Salad$1.99
Add Steamed Broccoli$1.29
Add Freckled Fruit Salad$1.59
Add Southwest Black Beans$1.59
Add Garlic Herbed Fries$1.99
Add Mac n Cheese$2.49
Add Sweet Potato Fries$2.99
Add SoupCup$3.29
Add Chili ChiliCup$3.59
Add Classic Mini Wedge Salad$3.99

Dipping Sauces

Sub or Add Classic Sauce$0.00
Sub Premium Sauce$0.50
Add Premium Sauce$0.75

Kids Menu

Reds Burger – Beef, Veggie, Turkey, BOCA or Grilled Chicken$4.99
Meatballs on a Stick9 pc$5.99
Lil Appetites Meatballs on a Stick6 pc$4.99
Corn Doggies9 pc$5.49
Lil Appetites Corn Doggies6 pc$4.99
Swirly Twirly Pasta$5.99
Grilled Cheesy$4.29
Cluck-A-Doodles (Breaded Chicken Tenders)3 pc$5.99
Lil Appetites Cluck-A-Doodles2 pc$4.99
M.V.P.IZZA – Pepperoni or Cheese$4.79
Grilled Chicken Stickens$4.99
Cod Crunchers$5.79
Bottomless Root Beer Float$1.99
Bottomless Freckled Lemonade$1.19
Creamy Milkshake – Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Raspberry or Peach$2.99
Strawberry Smoothie$1.99


Towering Doh! Rings8 pc$8.99
Doh! Ring Shorty4 pc$6.49
Freckled Lemonade Cake$6.19
Gooey Chocolate Brownie Cake$5.29
Mountain High Mudd Pie$6.59
Double Berry Cheesecake$5.99
Chocolate Fruffles$5.99

Chilling Concoctions

Classic – Cookie Magic, Mint Brownie, Salted Caramel or Nana-Nana Moo-Moo Milkshake$3.99
Refill Tin – Cookie Magic, Mint Brownie, Salted Caramel or Nana-Nana Moo-Moo Milkshake$4.99

32-Ounce To-Go Beverages

Freckled Lemonade$4.49
Very Berry Raspberry Limeade$4.49
Popping Purple Lemonade$4.49
Root Beer Float$4.49
Orange Cream Soda or Raspberry Cream Soda$3.79

Finest Shakes

Classic – Bonfire SMores or Cup Cake Milkshake$4.69
Refill Tin – Bonfire SMores or Cup Cake Milkshake$5.69
Hawaiian Heart Throb Smoothie$3.99
Coconut Pineapple Smoothie$3.99

How to Order from Red Robin Catering

To place an order from Red Robin Catering, customers can visit the official website and fill out a catering form with their contact and delivery information and the details of their order.

Orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance. Delivery is available for orders of $150 or more within a 10-mile radius of a Red Robin restaurant.

Red Robin Catering can provide a list of recommended third-party catering companies for customers outside of this delivery area. For more information or to place an order, visit the official Red Robin Catering website.

Popular Catering Choices at Red Robin

The most popular catering items at Red Robin Catering are the following:

  • Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger
  • Ensenada Chicken Platter
  • Prime Rib Dip
  • Arctic Cod Fish & Chips
  • Buzz Clucks & Mac n Cheese
  • Southwest Black Beans
  • Garlic Herbed Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries

Why choose Red Robin Catering?

  • Quality – All Red Robin’s food has the freshest ingredients and the highest quality standards [1].
  • Variety – Red Robin has a wide variety of menu items to choose from, so you’re sure to find something for everyone.
  • Price – Red Robin’s catering prices are very competitive, especially when considering their food quality.
  • Convenience – Red Robin makes catering easy with their online ordering system and delivery options.


Having savored the culinary excellence of Red Robin Catering, I can confidently endorse it as a prime choice. Quality and affordability intertwine harmoniously in their offerings, ensuring a memorable experience for any event.

Their diverse menu, spanning gourmet burgers to delectable sandwiches, caters to all tastes. The added convenience of online ordering and seamless delivery makes event planning stress-free.

Red Robin Catering isn’t just about food but crafting exceptional moments. Look no further for those seeking a catering partner that excels in taste, value, and convenience. Your event’s success is in capable hands with Red Robin.


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