Price Chopper Catering Menu & Prices

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Price Chopper is a popular grocery store chain located in the northeastern region of the United States. Their selection of food options is extensive, which includes a specialized menu for catering services. The Price Chopper catering menu caters to all tastes and preferences, from small bites to complete meals.

There are plenty of options to choose from on the Price Chopper catering menu, including appetizers, main courses, sides, and desserts. There are also a variety of beverage options available.

Price Chopper Catering Menu & Prices

Catering Produce

Market 32 Berry Mix Party Fruit Bowl$6.99
Market 32 Cut Fruit Party Bowl$5.99
Market 32 Cut Melon Sampler$10.98
Market 32 Large Fruit Platter$44.99
Market 32 Medium Fruit Platter$34.99
Market 32 Small Fruit Platter$24.99
Market 32 Pineapple Creation$5.99
Market 32 Mixed Fruit Sampler$5.99
Market 32 Large Vegetable Platter$45.99
Market 32 Medium Vegetable Platter$35.99
Market 32 Small Vegetable Platter$25.99
Market 32 Mixed Berry Sampler$13.98

Catering Seafood

Market 32 Cooked “Free From” Shrimp Platter – 26-30 Ct$44.99
Market 32 Cooked Shrimp Platter – 31-40 Ct$34.99
Market 32 Premium Seafood Platter$44.99
Market 32 Cooked Shrimp Platter – 16-20 Ct$44.99
Market 32 Colossal Shrimp Platter – 31-40 Ct$44.99

Catering Bakery

Market 32 Colossal Cookie Platter$19.99
Market 32 Italian Pastry Platter$39.99
Market 32 Gourmet Cookie Platter$12.99
Market 32 Fudge Dip Brownie Platter$18.99
Market 32 Dipped Gourmet Cookie Platter$14.99
Market 32 Scr 8″ Chocolate Cream Pie$8.99
Market 32 Muffin Mania Platter$16.99
Market 32 Chocolate Chip Message Cookie$9.99
Market 32 Scr 8″ Coconut Cream Pie$8.99
Market 32 Scr 8″ Banana Cream Pie$8.99
Market 32 Large Bagel Platter$19.99
Market 32 Small Bagel Platter$14.99
Market 32 Snowman Shaped Specialty Rye Bread$9.99
Market 32 Scr 8″ Double Chocolate Cream Pie$8.99
Market 32 Wreath Shaped Specialty Rye Bread$9.99
Market 32 Sliced Bagel Platter$9.98
Market 32 Bagel Crisp Platter$6.99
Market 32 Scr 8” Strawberry Vanilla Cream Pie$8.99
Market 32 Christmas Tree Shaped Specialty Rye Bread$9.99
Market 32 Football Shaped Specialty Rye Bread$9.99
Market 32 Lobster Shaped Specialty Rye Bread$9.99
Market 32 Fish Shaped Specialty Rye Bread$9.99

Catering Deli

Market 32 Small Pretzel Bite Platter$8.99
Market 32 2ft Italian Sub$23.98
Market 32 Large Sub Platter $64.99
Market 32 Finger Sandwich Tray$36.99
Market 32 2ft American Sub$23.98
Market 32 Small Sub Platter$34.99
Market 32 Stromboli Pinwheels Tray$12.99
Market 32 Deli Salad Tray$24.99
Market 32 All In One Platter$64.99
Market 32 Traditional Meatball Platter$14.99
Market 32 Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla Platter$18.99
Market 32 Large Pretzel Bite Platter$14.99
Market 32 Large Wrap Platter$54.99
Market 32 Braided Ring Bread Sandwich$42.99
Market 32 Deviled Egg Tray$19.99
Market 32 Mozzarella Stick Platter$10.99
Market 32 Small Cubed Cheese Platter$34.99
Market 32 Mozzarella Stick & Popper Platter$10.99
Market 32 Domestic Cheese Tray$54.99
Market 32 Small Wrap Platter$37.99
Market 32 Small Grand Buffet Platter$49.99
Market 32 Spicy Meatball Platter$14.99
Market 32 Market Café Medium Sandwich Platter$62.99
Market 32 Mediterranean Tray$64.99
Market 32 Imported Cheese Tray$69.99
Market 32 Croissant Sandwich Platter$39.99
Market 32 Small Italian Feast Platter$46.99
Market 32 Market Café Small Sandwich Platter$49.99
Market 32 Small International Platter$49.99
Market 32 Large Cubed Cheese Platter$64.99
Market 32 Popper Platter$10.99
Market 32 Medium Sub Platter$49.99
Market 32 Large International Platter$69.99
Market 32 Premium All in One Platter$74.99
Market 32 Medium International Platter$59.99
Market 32 Premium Large International Platter$79.99
Market 32 Large Grand Buffet Platter$69.99
Market 32 Premium Medium International Platter$69.99
Market 32 Premium Large Grand Buffet Platter$79.99
Market 32 Large Italian Feast Platter $66.99
Market 32 Medium Grand Buffett Platter$59.99
Market 32 Premium Small International Platter$59.99
Market 32 Medium Italian Feast Platter$56.99
Market 32 Premium Medium Grand Buffet Platter$69.99
Market 32 Premium Small Grand Buffet Platter$59.99

Popular Catering Choices at Price Chopper

 fresh fruit platter
  • Market 32 Large Fruit Platter: Perfect for health-conscious guests or as an accompaniment to a main dish, this platter features an assortment of fresh, seasonal fruits.
  • Market 32 Colossal Shrimp Platter: Jumbo shrimp served chilled with Price Chopper’s house-made cocktail sauce.
  • Market 32 Italian Pastry Platter: A delicious assortment of Price Chopper’s freshly made Italian pastries, including cannoli, cream puffs, and éclairs.
  • Market 32 All In One Platter: A platter that includes a variety of deli meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Market 32 Premium Large International Platter: A platter with an assortment of international cheeses, meats, and breads.
  • Market 32 Premium Large Grand Buffet Platter: A buffet-style platter with an assortment of meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, and breads.

Why choose Price Chopper for your catering needs?

Price Chopper offers a wide variety of catering options to fit any budget or event. Their platters are perfect for parties, business meetings, or any other gathering.

Price Chopper is a great option for those who want delicious food without the hassle of cooking and preparing everything themselves. Their platters come in a variety of sizes and designs, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

How to order from Price Chopper catering?

You can order catering online through Price Chopper’s website. Simply select the items you want and add them to your cart. Once you checkout, you’ll be able to choose your delivery date and time. You can also order by phone at 1 (800) 666-7667.

Price Chopper History

Price Chopper was founded by Ben Golub and Bill Golub in 1973 in Schenectady, New York. The Golub Corporation is the parent company of Price Chopper [1]. The company has over 130 stores in upstate New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.


Price Chopper is a great option for those looking for catering services. They offer a wide variety of platters that are perfect for any event or budget. You can order online or by phone, and their delivery service makes it easy to get your food without any hassle.


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