How to Order at Sonic?

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Sonic is a popular drive-in restaurant chain in the United States, known for its fast service and classic American menu items. 

If you’re new to Sonic or just looking to brush up on your ordering skills, this guide will walk you through the steps of ordering at Sonic, including how to place an order, how to pay, and what to expect when you arrive.

How to Order at Sonic?

  1. Choose a Location: You can find a Sonic location near you using their website or app.
  2. Place Your Order: You can order from the menu in-person, on the app, or over the phone.
  3. Drive to the Location: When you arrive, pull into a parking stall and press the call button to let the servers know you’re there.
  4. Pay for Your Order: You can pay at the stall using cash, credit/debit card, or through the app.
  5. Enjoy Your Meal: Once your order is ready, the server will bring it to your car.

About Sonic

Sonic is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in classic American food such as burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes. In addition to its classic menu items, Sonic also offers a variety of seasonal and limited-time offerings.

How Do I Place an Order at Sonic?

To place an order at Sonic, you can choose from several options:

  • In-person: Walk up to the counter and place your order with the server.
  • On the app: Download the Sonic app and place your order from there.
  • Over the phone: Call the Sonic location you want to order from and place your order over the phone.

Can You Order at Sonic Without a Car?

Yes, you can order at Sonic without a car. You can place an order for pick-up or delivery on the app, over the phone, or in-person at the counter.

How Do You Pay at Sonic Stall?

To pay at a Sonic stall, you can use cash, credit/debit card, or pay through the app.

Is It Cheaper to Order on the Sonic App?

It depends on the promotions and discounts available on the app at the time. Be sure to check the app for any current deals or offers before placing your order.

How Do I Find a Sonic in My Area?

sonic restaurant

You can find a Sonic near you using the restaurant’s website or app. Simply enter your zip code or city and state to see a list of nearby locations.

How Many Sonic Locations Are There?

As of 2021, there were over 3,600 Sonic locations in the United States.

When and Where Was Sonic Founded?

Sonic, America’s largest drive-in chain, was founded on June 18, 1953, by Tony Smith in Shawnee, Oklahoma [1]. Smith was a Navy veteran and a resident of Shawnee who recognized the need for a drive-in restaurant that served high-quality food quickly. 

With this in mind, he created the first Sonic Drive-In, which offered unique menu items, carhop service, and a distinctive atmosphere that set it apart from other fast food chains.

What Are Your Restaurant Hours of Operation?

Sonic restaurant hours vary by location, but most locations are open daily from 6:00 AM to midnight. Check the restaurant’s website or app for hours at a specific location.

What Is the Difference Between Sonic Drive Thru and Stall?

At a Sonic drive-thru, you order from your car and pick up your food at the window. At a Sonic stall, you park your car in a designated spot and a server will bring your food to your car.

Do You Tip the Runners at Sonic?

Tipping is not required at Sonic, but if you’re pleased with your service, it’s always appreciated.

What Is Sonic Secret Menu?

The Sonic secret menu refers to a collection of menu items that are not officially listed on the menu, but can still be ordered. Some popular items on the Sonic secret menu include the Frito Pie, the Purple Drink, and the Chili Cheese Tots.


Ordering at Sonic is a fast and convenient experience, whether you choose to order in-person, on the app, or over the phone. With a wide variety of classic American menu items, special promotions and discounts, and the option to order for pick-up or delivery, there are many ways to enjoy your meal at Sonic. Whether you’re a first-time customer or a regular, ordering at Sonic is sure to be a satisfying experience.


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