How to Make Takoyaki Without Takoyaki Pan?

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When craving crispy, savory takoyaki strikes, you might think a takoyaki pan is essential. But fear not, my fellow food enthusiasts! 

I’m here to share my personal journey of making takoyaki without a dedicated pan. With a few ingenious methods and a sprinkle of creativity, you can savor these delectable Japanese treats in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Let’s dive in and discover the secrets of making takoyaki without a takoyaki pan!

How to Make Takoyaki Without Takoyaki Pan?

  1. Aebleskiver Pan: Use a pan with round wells, pour the batter, add fillings, and rotate as they cook.
  2. Cake Pop Maker: Grease the molds, pour batter, add fillings, and rotate the balls as they cook.
  3. Muffin Tin: Grease the wells, fill with batter and fillings, bake in the oven, and rotate halfway through.
  4. Egg Rings or Cookie Cutters: Place rings on a greased pan, pour batter, add fillings, remove rings, flip, and cook until done.

These methods offer alternatives for making takoyaki without a dedicated takoyaki pan. Enjoy your cooking!

Tips for Making Takoyaki:

  • Properly grease your alternative pan or mold to prevent sticking.
  • Adjust the heat accordingly to ensure even cooking and avoid burning.
  • Use skewers or chopsticks to rotate the takoyaki balls for uniform browning.
  • For unique flavors, experiment with different fillings like shrimp, cheese, or vegetables.
  • Serve takoyaki hot with traditional toppings like takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and green onions.

What Is the Purpose of Takoyaki Pan?

Takoyaki pans are specifically designed for making takoyaki. They have multiple round wells, allowing the batter to cook evenly and form perfectly shaped balls. 

The pans also feature a rounded bottom, facilitating easy rotation of the takoyaki balls during cooking. 

While a takoyaki pan is ideal, the discussed alternative methods can still yield delicious results.

Can You Bake Takoyaki?

Yes, you can bake takoyaki in the absence of a takoyaki pan. Simply use a greased muffin tin, pour the batter into the wells, add your desired fillings, and bake in a preheated oven. 

Remember to rotate the takoyaki balls halfway through baking for even browning. It may not be the traditional method, but baking is a convenient alternative.

Can I Cook Takoyaki in an Air Fryer?

Unfortunately, an air fryer [1] may not be the best option for making takoyaki. The batter must be poured into round wells and rotated, which is not feasible in an air fryer. 

Stick to alternative pans or cooking methods mentioned earlier for the best results.

Can You Use a Takoyaki Pan on a Gas Stove?

Close Up Image of Takoyaki on a Pan

Yes, you can use a takoyaki pan on a gas stove. The direct heat from the gas stove allows for quick and even cooking. 

Simply place the pan on the stove, preheat it, and follow the traditional takoyaki recipe.

Can You Make Takoyaki Without Octopus?

Absolutely! While the octopus is a popular filling in takoyaki, you can make delicious variations without it. 

Experiment with other fillings such as shrimp, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, or vegetables. 

Let your creativity run wild, and customize your takoyaki to suit your taste preferences.


In conclusion, my culinary journey of making takoyaki without a dedicated pan has proven that innovation knows no bounds in the kitchen. 

With alternative tools like aebleskiver pans, cake pop makers, or even a trusty muffin tin, you can create tantalizing takoyaki balls that rival the traditional ones. 

Remember to let your imagination run wild with different fillings and toppings, as the essence of takoyaki lies in its versatility. 

So, fear not if you lack a takoyaki pan; embrace the adventure and enjoy the delightful fusion of flavors, textures, and joy that takoyaki brings. Get ready to embark on a Takoyaki-making escapade like no other!


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