How Much Is a Pound of Pulled Pork?

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Amid the tantalizing world of barbecue, one question echoes: What’s the price of a pound of pulled pork? 

Having meandered through markets and sampled plates aplenty, I’m here to shed light. 

Join me in navigating the smoky realm of pulled pork prices, where every pound holds a savory story.

How Much Is a Pound of Pulled Pork?

The cost of a pound of pulled pork can vary depending on factors like location, quality, and whether it’s purchased from a store or a restaurant. 

On average, expect to pay around $4 to $8 per pound for pulled pork. However, keep in mind that prices may fluctuate based on the source and your geographical area.

Average Pulled Pork Price Per Pound At Retail

If you’re purchasing pulled pork from your local grocery store, the price hovers around $5 to $6 per pound. It’s a convenient option if you’re planning to prepare it at home.

Average Pulled Pork Price Per Pound From Restaurants and Caterers

When dining out or seeking catering services, the price per pound might bump up a bit, ranging from $7 to $8. Of course, this comes with the benefit of letting someone else handle the cooking.

How Much Pulled Pork Should You Serve Per Person?

For a hearty pulled pork experience, consider serving about ½ pound (8 ounces) per person. This ensures ample portions without overindulgence.

How Many People Will 1KG of Pulled Pork Feed?

Pulled Pork on a Pan

In metric terms, 1 kilogram of pulled pork can generously satisfy around 4 to 6 people. It’s a metric marvel that ensures no one leaves the table unsatisfied.

How Much Pulled Pork for 100 Sandwiches?

Planning a larger event, say a picnic or a party? You’ll need around 25 to 30 pounds of pulled pork to craft 100 mouthwatering sandwiches. It’s a sandwich symphony that’s bound to impress.

What Kind of Pork Is Used for Pulled Pork?

Pulled pork is a result of slow-cooking well-marbled cuts of pork, often from the shoulder [1] or butt (yes, those are actual parts). 

These cuts are perfect for low and slow cooking, resulting in the tender, flavorful shreds that define pulled pork.

How Much Will 2 Lbs of Pulled Pork Feed?

If you’re planning a more intimate gathering or a cozy meal at home, 2 pounds of pulled pork can comfortably serve around 4 people. It’s a perfect portion for a pork-packed feast.


In the world of pulled pork, the price per pound isn’t just a number; it’s a glimpse into a flavorful universe. As I’ve explored markets and kitchens, one truth emerges: the cost encapsulates not only the meat’s value but also the craft behind it. 

Whether you’re indulging in a cozy meal or orchestrating a grand barbecue gathering, each pound embodies an edible narrative. 

So, as you venture into the realm of pulled pork, remember that behind every price tag lies a promise of succulent bites, shared stories, and the joy of savoring moments with a plate full of smoky goodness.


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