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How Much Is A KFC Go Cup?

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Lauren Beck

The KFC Go Cup is a convenient drink container that can store your preferred KFC meal. It functions like a standard cup that can easily fit in a car’s cup holder. This dish has been a popular choice among chicken enthusiasts since 2013. But, have you ever wondered about the cost of a KFC Go Cup?

This article will discuss what’s a KFC Go Cup, how much it’s worth, and if it’s still available today.

KFC Go Cup Price Guide

The KFC Go Cup has four different options at the same value. 

  • Go Cup – Popcorn Nuggets & Wedges for $2.79
  • Go Cup – Chicken Little & Wedges for $2.79
  • Go Cup – 2 Tenders & Wedges for $2.79
  • Go Cup – 3 Hot Wings & Wedges for $2.79

The KFC Go Cup is unavailable on the restaurant’s website and store as of this article’s writing. 

One reason is that KFC has discontinued its potato wedges [1]. There’s no official update on when they will be back on the food menu list.

What’s In The Go Cup?

The Go Cup has tasty options from KFC’s chicken menu. The mainstay food in the cup is the potato wedges which can be paired with any of the following: popcorn nuggets, Chicken Little, two tenders (boneless chicken), and three hot wings (chicken). 

Any of these options can be paired with your all-time favorite beverages. Or you can buy it without the drinks.

Why Is It Called The Perfect On The Go Cup?

The KFC Go Cup is called the perfect on-the-go cup because of its compact size. The food is in one tumbler or container that is easy to hold. 

This packaging is also convenient because you can put it in one of the cup holders available in your vehicle [2].

Who It’s For?

The people who benefit from these KFC Go Cups are professionals and students in a rush going to and off work or school. They are the ones who don’t have or may have a little time to spare to dine in the store.

But another group who can benefit from ordering Go Cups are the drivers. The go cups can be convenient for them to order instead of a regular KFC meal. It will come in handy when they are on the road.


How big is a KFC Go Cup?

There is no official size released for the KFC go cup, but the KFC company says it is in line with the standard 12-ounce soda can. The KFC go cups can fit in most car cup holders. So, no more worrying about your food getting wasted while on the road.

Is KFC Go Cup healthy?

No, the KFC go cup is not healthy. Like any other fast food item you can order, it contains high calories, sodium, and unhealthy fats. 

For example, their tenders have up to 540 calories and 1440mg of sodium. According to FDA, a high sodium intake is a risk factor for developing high blood pressure.

In Summary

KFC Go Cup is an innovative and convenient approach by the company for more people to enjoy eating their chicken. It offers an easier way of eating your food while on the go. Also, it’s faster to clean up. 

However, the KFC Go Cup is not anymore listed on KFC’s official menu – on their website and in their stores. There’s no official announcement if this on-the-go food will be back.


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