How Many Customers Does a Restaurant Serve per Day?

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If you’re in the restaurant business, how many customers you serve each day is important information. The number of patrons that a restaurant serves each day can vary greatly depending on several factors including location, type of cuisine, and hours of operation. On average, most restaurants will see between 200-400 customers per day with some higher end establishments serving up to 1,000 guests or more. Fast-food establishments such as McDonald’s and Burger King may see up to 2,500 customers per day while small mom and pop restaurants could only serve 100 patrons in the same amount of time. Knowing how many customers you can expect to serve each day is important for forecasting how much food and staff will be needed. It can also help you understand how much revenue you are likely to bring in and how much profit your restaurant will make. Ultimately, by understanding how many customers a restaurant typically serves per day, you can better plan for the future success of your business.

Ways to Estimate How Many Customers a Restaurant Serve per Day

Here are a few factors that can help you estimate how many customers your restaurant serves per day:

  • Location – The location of your restaurant will determine how much foot traffic it gets. Restaurants located in downtown areas tend to get more patrons than those located in suburbs or rural areas.
  • Cuisine – Different types of cuisine attract different types of diners. Italian restaurants, for example, tend to get more customers than Indian or Chinese restaurants.
  • Hours of Operation – The longer you’re open, the more customers you can expect to serve each day. Restaurants that are open late may get diners after traditional dinner hours, while those that close early may miss out on potential customers.
  • User Reviews – Reading user reviews can help you gauge how many customers your restaurant is getting on a daily basis. You can also use online tools to track how many people are searching for your restaurant and how often they’re visiting.

Restaurant Sales Statistics

The number of customers a restaurant serves each day can vary widely depending on its location, the type of cuisine it offers, and how long it has been in business. Generally speaking, restaurants that offer fast-casual service and are located in dense urban areas tend to serve more customers per day than those that offer sit-down meals or are located in more sparsely-populated areas. To give a better idea of how many customers restaurants typically serve per day, the National Restaurant Association released data in 2019 that showed an average of over 250 guests for full-service restaurants and almost 200 guests for quick-service restaurants.

Restaurant Consumer Statistics

Although the number of customers in a restaurant will fluctuate based on factors such as season, time of day and special promotions, research has found that restaurants typically have more customers during lunch hours than dinner. Additionally, it was determined that guests tend to spend an average of $12 per meal at quick-service restaurants and over $30 per meal at full-service establishments.

How Many Online Orders Does an Independent Restaurant Receive per Day?

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Recent studies have also looked into how many online orders an independent restaurant typically receives each day. The research revealed that the average online order rate for independent restaurants ranges from 1-5 orders per day, depending on how well the restaurant is marketed to potential customers. Additionally, it was found that customers tend to spend about 40%-50% more when ordering online than when ordering in-person.

What Are the Trends in the Restaurant Industry?

Overall, the restaurant industry is continuing to grow and change with the times. Technology has become increasingly important in how restaurants interact with customers, including how they take orders and how they market their offerings. Additionally, health-conscious diets are becoming more popular, leading many establishments to offer more vegan or gluten-free options than ever before. The demand for convenience and delivery services also continues to grow, as does the demand for online ordering. By keeping up with customer trends and using the latest technology to their advantage, restaurants can continue to succeed in an ever-changing industry.

How to Make Projections for a Restaurant?

Here are a few tips to consider when making projections for how many customers a restaurant will serve per day [1]:

  • Take into account the restaurant’s location, type of cuisine and how long it has been in business.
  • Study consumer spending habits, such as how much they typically spend on meals or how often they order online.
  • Look at how the restaurant industry is changing and how those changes could affect how many customers it receives.
  • Be realistic when making projections, as it’s important to not overestimate how many customers a restaurant can handle.

By monitoring customer trends and using the latest technology to their advantage, restaurants can ensure that they are serving the right number of customers each day. Additionally, by making informed projections, they can make sure that their business model is sustainable and successful in the long term.


There is no single answer to how many customers a restaurant serves each day. Factors such as location, type of cuisine and how long the establishment has been in business all play a role in how many guests it can expect to see. However, research has shown that full-service restaurants typically serve an average of over 250 guests per day, while quick-service restaurants have an average of almost 200 guests. Additionally, independent restaurants can receive anywhere from 1-5 online orders each day, and customers tend to spend more when ordering online.


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