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How Long Do Beyond Burgers Last in the Fridge?

Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by Lauren Beck

Ah, the world of meatless burgers, where creativity meets hunger.

Amidst this culinary adventure, a practical question beckons: how long can these Beyond Burgers stand tall within the cool embrace of the fridge? 

Allow me, with a touch of experience, to navigate this savory exploration.

How Long Do Beyond Burgers Last in the Fridge?

Beyond Burgers typically last in the fridge for around 7 days when stored properly. 

It’s important to follow proper storage guidelines to ensure their freshness and quality throughout this period

Does Beyond Meat Go Bad?

Don’t fret, Beyond Meat enthusiasts! Like their animal-derived counterparts, Beyond Burgers do have a shelf life. 

But the crucial inquiry here is decoding that timeline and ensuring your taste buds are in for a treat, not a trick.

How Long Can Beyond Meat Sit Out At Room Temperature?

Think of Beyond Burgers as the divas of the culinary world—they thrive in the spotlight but have limited engagement. 

They can sit out at room temperature for about 2 hours. Any longer, and you might be tangoing with potential food safety concerns.

Can You Freeze Beyond Burgers?

Hello, freezer, our savior of perishables! Freezing Beyond Burgers is entirely possible. If you foresee a delay in your burger plans, pop those patties into the freezer, and you’ll have plant-based delights at your disposal for about 3 to 6 months.

How To Store Beyond Meat?

Packs of Beyond Burger
  • Fridge Sanctuary: Store Beyond Burgers in the fridge at temperatures below 40°F (4°C). This helps maintain their taste and texture.
  • Original Packaging: If unopened, the original packaging suffices. But once opened, wrap the patties individually or in portions to prevent freezer burn or moisture loss.

Ways To Thaw Beyond Meat?

  • Fridge Thawing: Let the patties thaw in the fridge overnight. Slow and steady wins the race, and your burger’s texture remains intact.
  • Cold Water Bath: In a rush? Seal the patties in a leak-proof bag and submerge them in cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes until thawed.

Can You Refreeze Beyond Meat?

Here’s the deal: you can refreeze Beyond Burgers, but it’s a one-time offer. After thawing, cooking, and refreezing, the patties’ texture might change, veering away from their original glory.

What Happens If You Eat Beyond Meat That Has Gone Bad?

Time to tap into your internal food detective. If your Beyond Burger exhibits an off-putting smell, strange colors, or slimy textures, it’s a no-go zone. 

Consuming spoiled Beyond Meat isn’t just a taste disappointment – it could lead to foodborne illnesses [1]. Trust your senses; they’re your first line of defense.


In the vibrant tapestry of modern dining, Beyond Burgers carve a distinct niche with a fridge life of about 7 days. Drawing from my culinary forays, I emphasize the importance of adept storage, thoughtful thawing, and sensory vigilance. 

These burgers symbolize a fusion of flavor and responsibility. As you relish each bite, may the journey from plate to palate echo the mastery of taste and the consciousness of conscious consumption. 

Beyond Burgers, with their sustainable stance, remind us that even in the world of indulgence, we can be stewards of the environment, bite by flavorful bite.


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