Does Restaurant Depot Take Food Stamps or EBT?

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In an effort to provide low-cost food and supplies for low-income families and individuals, many stores have started to accept food stamps, EBT, and benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

But does Restaurant Depot take food stamps or EBT? Let’s find out.

Does Restaurant Depot Take EBT?

Unfortunately, no. Restaurant Depot does not accept EBT as a form of payment. You can only use cash, debit cards, major credit cards, or business checks to purchase food and other items at any of their locations.

Restaurant Depot’s stores cater only to non-profit organizations and food service professionals. They are not open to the general public. Hence, they do not accept EBT, food stamps, or SNAP benefits.

Likewise, you cannot use any of these benefits to purchase Restaurant Depot products online.

Is Restaurant Depot Similar To Costco?

At first glance, Restaurant Depot and Costco may seem similar in terms of their offerings and prices.

Restaurant Depot provides wholesale products for chefs, restaurant owners, and food service establishments. On the other hand, Costco offers wholesale goods or bulk products to retail customers.

In terms of membership, Restaurant Depot does not require a membership fee. However, free membership cards are only offered to non-profit organizations and food businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, delis, bars, and the like.

Meanwhile, to shop at Costco and enjoy the savings, you need to be a member. The membership fees cost around $60 to $120 annually.

But there are also a few ways to shop without a membership card. This includes ordering via Instacart, going with a member, using a Costco cash card, and using your company’s business membership.

You can also use the store’s online app. Take note that non-members will have to pay an extra 5% fee during check-out.

What Credit Cards Does Restaurant Depot Accept?

Restaurant Depot accepts major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. In addition, the store also accepts cash, debit cards, and business checks.

Is Jetro the Same as Restaurant Depot?

Jetro is a holding company that owns and operates a number of different businesses, one of which is Restaurant Depot.

Jetro also operates a chain of cash-and-carry stores called Jetro Cash & Carry, as well as an online business-to-business marketplace called Jetro Marketplace.

What is Restaurant Depot’s Return Policy?

For refunds and exchanges at Restaurant Depot, you are allowed to return for a refund or exchange any non-perishable merchandise or food service item within 30 days of purchase, based on your receipt.

On the other hand, perishable items, equipment, and electrical appliances may be returned (with receipt) up to 72 hours after purchase.

How Many Locations Does Restaurant Depot Have?

Restaurant Depot has more than 140 locations across the United States, including in major cities such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The company is constantly expanding its network of stores to meet growing demand from customers.

If you would like to find a Restaurant Depot location near you, visit their website.

Is Restaurant Depot Open to the Public in NY?

No, Restaurant Depot is not open to the public in NY.

Membership is only open to restaurant or food business owners, including cafes, pizzerias, delis, and the like.

When Was Restaurant Depot Founded?

Restaurant Depot started supplying independent restaurant owners and food businesses with quality supplies in 1990. They became the leading low-cost alternative to other suppliers by removing the overhead costs of traditional distributorship.

With more than 140 locations across the US, Restaurant Depot offers a free membership (strictly for business owners in the food service industry) and focuses on the needs of independent food business operators.

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