Does Papa John’s Pizza Come With Garlic Sauce?

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Papa John’s is a pizza heavyweight. Trust me, it’s not just about the pizza – their claim to fame? That garlic sauce.

But here’s the twist: Does Papa John’s pizza really come drenched in that garlicky delight? Let’s uncover the truth.

Does Papa John’s Pizza Also Come With Garlic Sauce? 

Yes, Papa John’s has garlic sauce in every pizza you buy. The popular dipping sauce has been included in every pizza since it was made by the founder, John Schnatter, in 1984.

However, it only comes in one little container in every pizza order, regardless of the size.

And others believe that it isn’t enough as a dipping sauce for the whole pizza. As a solution, Papa John’s offers garlic sauce retails as an add-on if you want more.

What is the Sauce Made Of?

Papa John’s garlic sauce contains three main ingredients: butter, garlic, and salt.

But of course, there’s a secret ingredient that Papa John’s uses to make the famous dipping sauce authentic and set it apart from the competition.

The recipe passed down for generations at Papa John’s restaurant has changed slightly over time.

As a result, there are now two varieties of garlic sauces. When you order, one of these two variations is included in a pizza order.

What Makes Papa John’s Garlic Sauce Special?

Papa John’s garlic sauce is dubbed to be special and a favorite of many pizza lovers because of its authentic taste.

Also, despite the garlic sauce’s taste, the pizza’s flavor is not overpowered when dipped. But what makes it special is that garlic sauce matches perfectly with any of their pizza flavors [1].

Another reason that made Papa John’s garlic sauce special is that it is the first of its kind as a dipping sauce for pizza. After all, it’s a new flavor compared to the usual hot sauce and ketchup.

What Other Sauces Does Papa John’s Come With? 

different type of dipping sauce

Papa John’s also offers customers other dipping sauces such as barbecue sauce, honey mustard, cheese sauce, blue cheese, buffalo sauce, ranch sauce, and pizza sauce. There’s also a newly introduced spicy garlic [2] sauce.

These sauces are available to order as an add-on if you want some extra for your pizza.


How much does Papa John’s garlic sauce cost?

The price of Papa John’s garlic sauce varies depending on the store’s location. As for the rough estimate, a dipping sauce would cost around $0.50 to $0.75 per serving (net weight of 1 oz).

Also, Papa John’s dipping sauces are not sold using coupons or discounts.

How do you order Papa John’s garlic sauce?

You can order the garlic dipping sauce in several methods, including calling the nearest Papa John’s in your area, using their application (that you can download on your phone), or by going to their store to order. 

But it is worth mentioning that the garlic sauce isn’t sold individually but rather as ‘extras’ that you can add to your order.

Key Takeaways

Papa John’s, the garlic sauce maestros. Trust me, it’s not just any dip – it’s a pizza transformation. A trendsetter, really. Others scrambled to catch up, but no one tops the original. Papa John’s is the trailblazer of pizza perfection.

Sure, imitators popped up, waving their own garlic concoctions. But let’s be real: Papa John’s started it all.

That unmistakable garlic sauce, that’s the legacy. Every pizza enthusiast knows it’s a non-negotiable slice of the experience. Papa John’s is the true flavor pioneer.


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