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Does Panda Express Have A Drive-Thru? Explained!

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Lauren Beck

Panda Express is a well-established player in the food industry. It is widely known that their Chinese cuisine is highly pleasing to the palate.

But does Panda Express have a drive-thru? Let’s find out. 

Do Panda Express Restaurants Have Drive-thru? 

Yes, Panda Express has a drive-thru. However, this service is not available to every store branch of Panda Express. The reason is that some of their locations are inside the mall, in an express location, or not allowed by the local law or ordinance does not permit a drive-thru [1]. 

The best way to know if the Panda Express in your location has a drive-thru is to visit the Panda Express website, by calling on the phone, or by visiting the store. 

What Food Can You Order Via Drive-thru?

You can order the same food from Panda Express’ in-store menu when you order via drive-thru or through their mobile app.

If you’re looking for something more offbeat, like a Panda Express secret menu item [2], there are plenty of those, too—and they’re also available via drive-thru!

Do All Panda Express Restaurants Offer It?

No, Panda Express doesn’t have a drive-thru at all locations. Some locations have a drive-thru during certain hours, while others only allow it late at night or on weekends. You may confirm by visiting the restaurant’s website or calling the location directly. 


Are Panda Express drive-thrus fast?

Yes. Panda Express does its best to make the preparations for your drive-thru orders fast. Like any other fast-food restaurant, most food you can order is pre-made and ready to be served. 

The company ensures that your order will be available and ready to hand out to you on the claiming window after confirming and paying your order.

When did Panda Express open its first drive-thru?

In 1997, Panda Express had its first drive-thru from its first standalone drive-through restaurant in Hesperia, California. They aimed for their consumers that are always on the go to be able to conveniently order their food from the Panda Express menu without ever leaving their cars. 

Does Panda Express give free samples at the drive-thru?

Not anymore. Panda Express used to give free samples on a toothpick. However, this perk was halted for safety concerns in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic started. 

As of today, there’s no update regarding if the giving of free samples will return. However, you may check with the nearest Panda Express in your location about the free samples.

What is the most ordered food at Panda Express?

Panda Express’ orange chicken is the most popular on their menu. One of the good reasons why it became popular is because the meat is made from boneless pieces flavored with the restaurant’s signature spicy orange. 

It has been a favorite of many Panda Express customers for over 30 years since it was first introduced in 1987.

Final Thoughts 

Panda Express offers a drive-thru service for most of its restaurants. However, some locations don’t have this service for the reasons mentioned above. The best way to know if the Panda Express in your area has a drive-thru is to contact the store directly for confirmation.

But whether there’s a drive-thru available or not, Panda Express’ menu is a must-try. Panda Express has been in the business for decades and strives to provide the best services in the industry.


Lauren Beck

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