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Does Costco Have Scan and Go?

Last Updated on February 27, 2024 by Lauren Beck

If you are a member of Costco, you are probably acquainted with their extensive variety of products.

However, Costco currently does not offer a scan and go feature for smartphone checkout.

Customers must use the traditional checkout process for purchases. Nonetheless, Costco may explore adding this feature in the future.

Why Doesn’t Costco Have Scan and Go?

Here are a few potential reasons why Costco doesn’t have scan and go available yet:

  • Costco is focused on providing its customers with low prices. Adding a scan and go feature could potentially raise prices for customers if it’s not done correctly.
  • Using a smartphone to checkout requires a strong and reliable internet connection. This may not be possible in all Costco locations.
  • Costco may be concerned about theft if customers are able to scan and pay for their items without going through a traditional checkout lane.
  • Marketing and in-store signage could be challenging with a scan and go system.

Do They Have Self-Checkout?

Yes, Costco does have self-checkout available in some locations. This is a similar system to what you would find at a grocery store.

You scan and bag your own items and then pay at the self-checkout lane. However, this system is not available in all Costco locations.

When Will Scan and Go Be Available?

There is no way to know for sure when (or if) Costco will roll out a scan and go feature.

However, given the popularity of this type of system, it’s likely that Costco is working on making it available in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Other Ways To Checkout Quickly At Costco?

If you’re looking for ways to check out quickly at Costco, there are a few options available:

  • Use the self-checkout lanes (if available).
  • Find a cashier that has a dedicated express lane.
  • Use the Costco app to order ahead and pick up your items in-store.

While none of these methods are as convenient as scan and go, they can help you save time when checking out at Costco.

Does Costco Have A Shopping App?

Yes, Costco has a shopping app available for both iPhone and Android devices [1]. The app allows you to shop online and pick up your items in-store.

You can also use the app to check your member account balance and view digital coupons.

Which Stores Use Scan And Go?

Group of people in a row using self service checkout

Here is a list of some of the major retailers that offer scan and go:

  • Walmart – Walmart’s scan and go feature is available in select stores.
  • Target – Target’s scan and go feature is available in all stores.
  • Kroger – Kroger’s scan and go feature is available in select stores.
  • Meijer – Meijer’s scan and go feature is available in all stores.
  • CVS – CVS’s scan and go feature is available in select stores.
  • Amazon Go – Amazon’s scan and go feature is available in select stores.
  • Sam’s Club – Sam’s Club’s scan and go feature is available in all stores.
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club – BJ’s Wholesale Club’s scan and go feature is available in all stores.

How To Use Costco’s Self-Checkout? 

Here’s a quick guide on how to use Costco’s self-checkout:

  1. Find the self-checkout lanes. These are typically located near the front of the store.
  2. Scan your items. Use the barcode scanner to scan each item as you place it in your shopping cart.
  3. Bag your items. Place your items in bags and weigh them if necessary.
  4. Pay for your items. You can pay at the self-checkout lane once you’re done scanning and bagging your items.
  5. Show your receipt. Be sure to show your receipt to the Costco employee before you leave the store.

Can You Checkout Using the Costco Shopping App?

Yes, you can checkout using the Costco shopping app. To do this, simply add items to your cart and then select the “Pay in Store” option at checkout.

You’ll then need to show your digital receipt to a Costco employee before you leave the store.

What Is The Future Of Scan And Go?

The future of scan and go is looking bright! More and more retailers are starting to offer this type of system in their stores.

This is likely because it’s a convenient way for customers to shop, and it can help reduce lines at the checkout. We expect to see even more retailers offering scan and go in the future.


As a seasoned Costco shopper, the answer to whether Costco has a scan and go feature is a resounding no. Nevertheless, the future holds promise, and there’s a likelihood of this changing over time.

For now, fear not, as alternative speedy checkout options exist at Costco. Additionally, the Costco shopping app remains a valuable tool to streamline your shopping experience.

Embrace the convenience of technology while awaiting any potential updates from Costco, and enjoy the multitude of goods and services this renowned store continues to offer.


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