Does Arby’s Have a Ham and Cheese Sandwich?

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Arby’s, renowned for its roast beef sandwiches, also caters to ham lovers. The Ham & Swiss Sandwich and other ham and cheese options stand out.

Join us to delve into Arby’s variety of ham and cheese offerings, helping you choose your perfect meal.

Does Arby’s Serve Ham Sandwiches?

Yes, Arby’s does serve ham sandwiches! Arby’s signature offering is their classic Ham & Swiss Sandwich, a tasty combination of hot ham, Swiss cheese, and honey mustard sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Arby’s also offers several other sandwich options, including ham and cheese, the Roast Turkey & Swiss Sandwich, the Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich, and even the Chicken Bacon Swiss Sandwich. 

Are Ham And Cheese Sandwiches Still Available At Arby’s?

Yes, ham and cheese sandwiches are still available at Arby’s! Arby’s signature Ham & Swiss Sandwich is still available, and the other sandwich options include ham and cheese.

In addition, Arby’s also has a range of other menu items, including salads, wraps, and sides.

Arby’s Discontinues Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwiches?

No, Arby’s has discontinued any hot ham and cheese sandwiches. Arby’s still offers their signature Ham & Swiss Sandwich and other sandwich options, including ham and cheese.

Additionally, Arby’s regularly introduces new menu items, so there is always something new and exciting to try.

How To Make Arby’s Ham and Cheese Sandwich?

Homemade Ham And Cheese Sandwich

Making Arby’s Ham & Swiss sandwich is easy! Follow these simple steps: 


  • 2 slices of Arby’s hot ham 
  • 2 slices of Swiss cheese 
  • 2 slices of toasted sesame seed bun 
  • Honey mustard sauce 


  1. Toast the sesame seed buns. 
  2. Place the ham and cheese on the toasted buns. 
  3. Drizzle honey mustard sauce over the ham and cheese. 
  4. Enjoy your delicious Arby’s Ham & Swiss sandwich!

Arby’s Secret Menu Items

Here are the 5 best Arby’s secret menu items that you didn’t know about: 

  1. The Outlaw: A delicious combination of roast beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, and Arby’s sauce. 
  2. The Big Philly: Roast beef, Swiss cheese, onions, and peppers. 
  3. The Barnyard: A combination of Arby’s roast beef, chicken tenders, and cheese sauce. 
  4. The Jamocha Shake: Arby’s classic Jamocha shake blended with your choice of ice cream. 
  5. The Market Melt: A delicious combination of Arby’s roast beef, cheddar cheese, and special sauce. 

Whether you’re looking for something classic or something new and exciting, Arby’s has something for everyone.

Arby’s will satisfy your cravings with a selection of delicious hot ham and cheese sandwiches. 

Is There A Ham And Cheese Melt At Arby’s?

Yes, Arby’s does offer a Ham & Swiss Melt sandwich.

This sandwich is made with hot ham, Swiss cheese, and honey mustard sauce sandwiched between two toasted marble rye bread slices.

It is a delicious and satisfying meal that is sure to please.

What Is The Name Of The New Arby’s Sandwich?

The new Arby’s sandwich is called the Big Philly. It features Arby’s classic roast beef, Swiss cheese, onions, and peppers, all sandwiched between two slices of toasted Italian bread. It’s a delicious and filling sandwich that is sure to please.

What Is the Most Popular Sandwich at Arby’s?

The most popular sandwich at Arby’s is the classic Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich [1].

This sandwich features Arby’s signature roast beef, Swiss cheese, and Arby’s sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun. It’s a classic that is sure to please.

Why Doesn’t Arby’s Have Ham Anymore?

Arby’s discontinued offering ham on its menu for various reasons. Changes in customer preferences, ingredient sourcing, and focusing on their signature roast beef offerings could have contributed to this decision.

While ham is no longer available, Arby’s provides various sandwiches and meats to cater to customers’ tastes.


Arby’s menu boasts a delightful array of ham and cheese sandwich options spanning various flavors.

The timeless Ham & Swiss Sandwich appeals to those seeking classic comfort, while the Big Philly introduces a tantalizing twist to the traditional combination. As you step into Arby’s, you’ll find a medley of tastes and textures awaiting your palate.

Arby’s commitment to quality ingredients shines through each creation, from the tangy kick of the Spicy Greek Gyro to the savory depths of the French Dip & Swiss.

Savor the experience of biting into a well-crafted ham and cheese masterpiece meticulously prepared to satisfy your cravings.


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