Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Have to Claim Tips?

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As a former pizza delivery driver, I know firsthand the ins and outs of the job. One question that often arises is whether pizza delivery drivers have to claim tips as income. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of pizza delivery and uncover the truth behind the requirement for drivers to claim their hard-earned tips.

Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Have to Claim Tips?

Yes, pizza delivery drivers are required to claim tips as income and report them to the IRS.

Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Get Taxed on Tips?

Yes, pizza delivery drivers are required to report and pay taxes on the tips they receive. Tips are considered income and are subject to taxation, just like any other form of earnings. 

It’s important for delivery drivers to accurately report their tips to the IRS to ensure compliance with tax laws.

Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Get To Keep Tips?

Absolutely! Tips are a vital part of a pizza delivery driver’s income. They rely on those tips to supplement their wages and make a living. 

Tipping a delivery driver directly contributes to their livelihood, helping them make ends meet.

Are Tips Under $20 a Month Taxable?

Even if your tips are less than $20 monthly, they are still taxable. The IRS requires individuals to report all tips received, regardless of the amount. 

Delivery drivers must maintain accurate records and report all tips they earn annually.

Is It Bad to Not Tip the Pizza Delivery Guy?

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While tipping is not legally mandatory, it is customary and considered good etiquette to tip the pizza delivery driver. 

Delivery drivers often rely on tips as a significant portion of their income, and tipping is a way to show appreciation for their prompt and efficient service. 

So, while it may not be “bad” per se, it is certainly appreciated and helps support those working in the delivery industry.

Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Prefer Cash Tips?

Pizza delivery drivers generally prefer cash tips. Cash tips provide immediate gratification, allowing drivers to pocket the money immediately. 

Cash tips are not subject to credit card processing fees or tax withholding, maximizing the amount the driver receives. 

However, many delivery drivers also accept and appreciate tips given through credit cards.

What Is the Penalty for Not Reporting Tips?

Failure to report tips as income can result in penalties from the IRS. The penalty for underreporting or failing to report tips varies depending on the circumstances. 

It’s essential for pizza delivery drivers to accurately report their tips to avoid potential legal and financial consequences.

Do You Have to Claim Tips as Income?

Everyone who receives tips, including pizza delivery drivers, must legally claim them as income [1]. 

Tips are considered part of an individual’s taxable income and must be reported on their tax return. 

Failing to claim tips as income can lead to tax evasion charges and legal ramifications.


In the world of pizza delivery, tips are a vital part of a driver’s income. While it may not be the most glamorous job, those tips can make a significant difference. 

As a former pizza delivery driver, I can attest to the fact that claiming tips as income is not only required but also a necessary step to comply with tax regulations. 

It’s important to understand that the tips you generously give directly contribute to a driver’s livelihood. So, the next time you appreciate the convenience of a pizza delivered to your door, remember the hardworking individuals who rely on those tips to make a living.


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