Did Noodles and Company Get Rid of Stroganoff?

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As a devoted noodle aficionado, I recently pondered a pressing question: Did Noodles and Company, that beloved haven of noodle goodness, bid farewell to their mouthwatering Stroganoff? 

With a heart full of curiosity and a growling stomach, I set out to uncover the truth. Join me on this culinary investigation as we unravel the fate of the iconic Stroganoff dish at Noodles and Company.

Did Noodles and Company Get Rid of Stroganoff?

Yes, unfortunately, Noodles and Company have made the decision to remove Stroganoff from their menu. The dish is no longer available for customers to enjoy. 

While this may disappoint some Stroganoff enthusiasts, Noodles and Company offer other delicious noodle dishes worth exploring.

Why Did Noodles and Company Change Their Menu?

Noodles and Company, known for its diverse array of noodle dishes from various cuisines, made a decision to revamp its menu recently. 

The change was driven by their commitment to offering their customers fresh, innovative, and exciting options. 

To continuously evolve and keep up with changing consumer preferences, Noodles and Company embarked on a journey to refresh their menu offerings.

About Noodles and Company

Before we dive deeper into the Stroganoff mystery, let’s take a quick look at what makes Noodles and Company special. 

Established in 1995, this fast-casual restaurant chain has gained a loyal following with its unique concept of serving dishes inspired by global flavors, with noodles being the show’s star [1]. 

From classic Italian pasta to Asian-inspired stir-fries and even American macaroni and cheese, Noodles and Company has something to satisfy every noodle craving.

Why Noodles and Company Are Struggling?

While Noodles and Company have enjoyed popularity over the years, it’s no secret that the restaurant industry can be challenging. 

The competition is fierce, and consumer tastes are constantly evolving. In recent years, Noodles and Company faced some struggles, such as declining sales and increased competition from other fast-casual establishments. 

To combat these challenges, the company has been implementing strategic changes to reinvigorate its brand and attract a wider audience.

Did Noodles and Company Rebrand?

Noodles and Company Restaurant

Yes, Noodles and Company embarked on a rebranding journey in an effort to re-energize its brand and reconnect with its customers. 

This included updating their logo, refreshing their restaurant designs, and revamping their menu offerings. 

The rebranding aimed to create a more modern and appealing image for the company while still staying true to its core values of providing delicious and globally inspired noodle dishes.

Is Noodles and Company the Same as Noodles World Kitchen?

No, they are not the same. Noodles and Company is a distinct restaurant chain that specializes in noodle-based dishes. 

On the other hand, Noodles World Kitchen is a separate restaurant brand that offers a wide range of flavors from different cultures, not limited to noodles alone. 

While both brands share a passion for global cuisine, they operate as separate entities with their own unique menus and identities.

Noodles and Company Discontinued Items

 While specific discontinued items may vary over time and by location, here are a few examples of dishes that have bid farewell to the Noodles and Company menu:

  1. Stroganoff: A classic dish featuring tender beef, savory mushrooms, and a rich, creamy sauce over noodles. This comforting favorite is no longer available.
  2. Thai Hot Pot: A flavorful combination of coconut curry broth, shrimp, chicken, and vegetables served over noodles. This hot and spicy delight is among the discontinued items.
  3. Pesto Cavatappi: A popular choice featuring spiral-shaped cavatappi noodles tossed in a creamy basil pesto sauce. This creamy and herbaceous pasta creation is no longer on the menu.
  4. Truffle Mac: A decadent macaroni and cheese variation with the addition of aromatic truffle oil. This indulgent treat has been removed from the offerings.
  5. Spicy Korean Beef Noodles: A fusion of Korean flavors and noodles with tender beef, spicy sauce, and vegetables. Unfortunately, this fiery and satisfying dish is among the discontinued items.


After thorough exploration, it is with a tinge of disappointment that we confirm the departure of Stroganoff from the Noodles and Company menu. 

While its absence may leave a void in the hearts of Stroganoff enthusiasts, fear not, for Noodles and Company continues to offer many tantalizing noodle creations to satisfy your cravings. 

As the restaurant industry evolves, so do the menus, and Noodles and Company remains committed to providing innovative and globally-inspired dishes. So, the next time you visit, embrace the adventure and savor the delicious noodle options that await you at Noodles and Company.


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