Craft Beverage Yakima: All You Need To Know

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If you have an appreciation for artisanal drinks, it is highly recommended that you visit Craft Beverage Yakima in Yakima, Washington.

We’ll tell you all about the cool sights and fun activities before you plan a day trip! 

What is Craft Beverage Yakima? 

Craft Beverage Yakima is a one-of-a-kind collection of some of the best craft beverage producers located in Yakima, Washington, and its surrounding areas. This event is to raise the public’s awareness about craft and artisanal beverages in the area. 

Craft Beverage Yakima offers a unique “farm-to-glass adventure” promise. 

On this trail, you can wander the hop yards, traverse through the orchards, stroll through the vineyards, and discover the true foundation of the incredible beers, ciders, spirits, and wines that make it to your glass. 

You can explore and taste the various finished beverages and even meet the makers personally and ask them questions. 

There are nearly 20 participating breweries, wineries, distilleries, and local cideries within the area, and no pressure to visit all of them! They give you free rein to plan your tour exactly the way you like it. 

Things To Know 


The Craft Beverage Yakima is located in Yakima, Washington, about two hours away from Seattle. 


Craft Beverage Yakima Walk 

Hop on down to Downtown Yakima to see what local craft beverage makers have in store for you. They will be stationed in unlikely spots, so you’ll need to plan your trip wisely if you want to see all the brewers, winemakers, cidermakers, and distillers, to sample their work. 

Yakima Taco Fest

The Yakima Taco Fest is a festival celebrating all things taco. Live music, alcohol, and all-you-can-eat tacos are just some of the things you should expect at this event. 

And if that isn’t appealing enough for you, all proceeds of the event go to CWHCC and CBY, non-profit organizations that help develop small businesses in the area. [1] 

BeardFest at Bearded Monkey 

Beards, bikes, and beverages — what more could you ask for? The BeardFest at Bearded Monkey is about celebrating the love for the local Bearded Monkey Cycling, craft beverages, and your cool beard. 

A winner will be crowned by the end of the night in the Best Beard Competition, so make sure your ‘stache is snatched! 

Yakima Rhythm and Blues 

The Yakima Rhythm and Blues event features six hours of non-stop blues music from the up-and-coming local talents. Of course, alcohol is still to be expected — 20 participating craft beverage producers will be quenching your thirst at the event, which is held at the historic North Front Street. 

Roots and Vines Festival 

Roots and Vines is another rockin’ event music lovers will go loco over. This event is a full-blown celebration of Americana, Roots, and Bluegrass music, playing just for you at the North Front Street. 

Twenty participating local craft beverage producers will also be supplying the much-needed alcohol for more fun! 


two people holding beer craft

Beer, wine, cider, and spirits from local craft beverage makers are just a few you should expect in Craft Beverage Yakima. There are plenty of participating breweries, distilleries, and wineries you can get the insider scoop from. 

Plan Your Tour

Attending Craft Beverage Yakima is sure to be a whole-day activity, so it’s better to plan your tour ahead of time to make sure you get to visit all the interesting spots. 

Their official website gives you a whole map of the area as well as the spots of the local craft beverage makers that you can easily print out and use as a guide for the event. 


What happened to Craft Beverage Yakima?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information on what happened to Craft Beverage Yakima — just that the whole tour is closed. We assume they had stopped operations when COVID hit and haven’t resumed since then. 

Fingers crossed on them reopening soon because we especially liked their advocacy on supporting local craft beverage makers. 

What’s new at Craft Beverage Yakima?

Craft Beverage Yakima has been relaunched in 2022! They will still serve local craft beverages and are still advocating to increase awareness as producers of quality artisanal drinks. 

Aside from the drinks, you’ll also get to experience the best steak dishes in the state’s most beloved steak house since 1985. 

Key Takeaways 

Going on an adventure at the Craft Beverage Yakima is a great way to show your love for the local craft beverage industry.

Participants can plan their own tour to find out more about the beverage they’re most interested in — whether that’s wine, spirits, beer, or cider. 

The location also hosts fun yearly events, whether a fun beard contest, an eat-all-you-can taco event or the famed Yakima walk. To learn more about similar events, visit Kitsune Restaurant.


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