10 Best Sandwiches At Jason’s Deli Ranked (2023)

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Jason’s Deli has been around since 1988, and the Tortorice family is very hands-on, keeping a remarkable foundation. However, the foundation is not the only remarkable part of this deli as they are renowned for their sandwiches. 

But what is the best sandwich at Jason’s Deli? 

If you haven’t had the chance to taste any of their menus, here’s the list you should not miss out on. 

Top 10 Sandwiches You Should Try at Jason’s Deli

1. The Carmela 

The Carmela is the perfect fit for you if you are a meat-lover. You won’t find a single leaf in this stack of protein. There is pepperoni, salami, and ham squeezed in between toasted sourdough. 

You will savor mayonnaise and melted provolone, and a good amount of piquillo pepper relish will give the sandwich a bit of spice. Though this sandwich lacks color since there are no leafy greens and tomatoes, you can be sure that it is still very appealing to the eyes. 

2. Smokey Jack Panini

Smokey Jack Panini is for those who want extra heat on their sandwiches. It also uses sourdough bread with a generous spread of Thousand Island dressing. You will find bacon, jalapeno, pepper jack cheese, and turkey meat stacked together. 

The smokiness is absolutely present, while the slice of tomato provides freshness to the bunch. We love the marriage of strong flavors in this sandwich, not one overpowering the other. 

3. Club Royale

Club Royale is the best choice when you’re unsure of the meat you want in your sandwich. Jason’s Deli has its own recipe that gives it an elevated taste. 

Between those proteins, you’ll find bacon, turkey, and ham with cheddar and Swiss cheese. A fresh dose of tomato and lettuce is added. All these are kept together inside a toasted croissant slathered with honey mustard. 

4. Bigger Better BLT

Bigger Better BLT is another classic sandwich personalized by Jason’s Deli. The common ingredients are bacon, lettuce, and tomato. But along with it are freshly cracked eggs with avocado. 

All these are on top of a multigrain [1] wheat bread slathered with mayo. It can be a full meal since this is served on full-sized bread. They wouldn’t be naming it bigger and better if they did not improve the size and the flavor. 

5. New York Yankee

New York Yankee can be your option if you need a full and heavy meal on the go. Pastrami and three-quarters of a pound of corned beef are between savory rye bread. A generous amount of Swiss cheese sits on the meat and nothing else. 

New York Yankee is a full-packed meal, but you won’t enjoy this if you are looking for a party of flavors. It’s just the savory protein and the creaminess of the cheese. 

6. Quarter Ham and Salami Muffaletta

The Muffaletta is another great choice if you want a full meal and do not have much time. It has a lot of meat, salami, ham, and roasted turkey. 

Jason’s builds it in a crusty, Italian grilled bread with mashed olive spread. The size of this Muffaletta is good for two people, but they also serve it in half and quarter sizes. 

7. Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich

grilled bacon chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwiches are ordinary, but the special components on Jason’s version made it extra special. Aside from the chicken, you can find bacon and cheese with a serving of guacamole. 

They also added a good amount of Thousand Island dressing to give the flavor a little twist. It is far from the ordinary chicken sandwiches you get from mediocre delis. 

8. California Club

We already know that their Club Royale is a hit, and California Club is almost the same but added a healthy dose of guacamole. Let us also mention that they use nitrite-free [2] smoked turkey breast on this sandwich. 

Jason’s homemade guacamole takes the place of the cheddar cheese and the ham. Everything else stays bacon, Swiss cheese, greens, tomato, turkey, and mayonnaise. 

9. Reuben THE Great

Reuben THE Great is another sandwich with a twin or an almost twin- New York Yankee. It is similar to a New York Yankee, but this one has sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing. The corned beef and Swiss cottage are still added to this delicious protein pack. 

10. Wild Salmon-wich

Non-meat eaters also have an option with the Wild Salmon-wich. It is made of wild Alaska sockeye salmon pre-marinated in balsamic vinaigrette. 

It has tomato, lettuce, guacamole, and chipotle aioli with herb focaccia that is warm and toasted. It is probably the healthiest sandwich Jason’s has to offer. 


Can you build your own sandwich at Jason’s Deli? 

Yes, you can build your own (BYO) sandwich at Jason’s Deli. Their BYO offer gives customers a variety of choices to choose from. You can pick any bread, veggies, cheese, spreads, and meats from their counter and build the sandwich of your choice. 

What is the most popular sandwich at Jason’s Deli?

The Carmela is the most popular sandwich at Jason’s Deli. The well-balanced flavors entice everyone to have this sandwich apart from its stack of meat. It has a complete flavor ensemble, from sweet to salty to sour and spicy. 

What is the healthiest sandwich to get at Jason’s Deli?

The healthiest sandwich you can get at Jason’s Deli is the Texacado toast. It has fresh avocados, black bean mix, jalapeño ranch, cheddar, and roasted corn—all these in toasted Mexican-style bread with the insides spread with salsa. However, you can also build your veggie sandwich using healthier ingredients.

In Summary 

The best sandwich at Jason’s Deli is The Carmela. Most customers there are meat-eaters, and this sandwich gives them everything they want, including great flavor. We also tasted almost all the food on their menu, and The Carmela leads our picks.

The good thing about Jason’s is that they make sure they balance the flavors and not just pack them with tasteless components. 

Sandwich choices are often filled with meat and protein. Consumers are picky eaters these days; the only way Jason’s Deli remains everyone’s favorite is because they keep offering savory sandwiches. 


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