6 Best Meat Selections At Chipotle Ranked (2023 Updated)

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The meat on Chipotle’s rice bowl, burritos, and wraps are undeniably delicious! Only grass-fed with no antibiotics and humanely fed animals are used by Chipotle on their dishes. It is the main reason why the steaks and other proteins are satiable with definite savoriness.

If you want to know the best meat at Chipotle, check out the meat options that may suit your taste. 

Top 6 Popular Meats You Should Try at Chipotle

1. Carnitas

Calories: 210

Protein: 23g

What We Like About It: Carnitas are technically the Mexican version of pulled pork. These are very savory and tender after slow cooking all the ingredients. It has a decent amount of pork fat which explains its extra savoriness. 

Plain Carnitas do not increase your carb intake, which makes it perfect for those on a Keto diet [1]. However, it is a different story when mixed in a Carnitas burrito, tacos, or a Chipotle burrito bowl. 

2. Barbacoa

mexican beef barbaco served with onions, lime and cilantro.

Calories: 170 

Protein: 23g

What We Like About It: We like this meat option because of its full taste and pleasant texture. Instead of using Cabeza, Chipotle’s version of Barbacoa uses shoulder-cut beef parts. 

They marinate the meat with cloves, pepper, and oregano. You can add this to almost all menu items at Chipotle: burritos, tacos, or fresh salads. We love adding sour cream to our rice bowl as it adds a bit of zest and a perky twist. 

3. Sofritas

Calories: 150 

Protein: 8 g

What We Like About It:  Chipotle Sofritas is the top pick for anyone counting their protein and sugar counts, though this is not the case for us since we are not on a diet. It consists of tofu with bell pepper, onion, tomato, and garlic with Chipotle chiles added with adobo sauce. 

Chipotle offers a variety of choices for health-conscious individuals, which are also filling meals. Sofritas are gluten-free [2] and a delicious vegan option. There is no saturated fat in this food, plus it is cholesterol-free. 

4. Steak

Calories: 150

Protein: 21g

What We Like About It: Chipotle’s steak is one of our favorite meats inside a burrito wrap. But when served as it is, the medium-cooked steak is very flavorful too. It is because of the simple marinade they use: black pepper, salt and cumin, and of course, Chipotle pepper. 

Most customers order this meat plain or added in a Chipotle burrito, wraps, or salad, as this goes very well with other foods on the Chipotle menu. It may have more calories but less than half a gram of fat. 

5. Chicken

Calories: 180

Protein: 32g

What We Like About It: Chicken at Chipotle is something that you should try. It is not a hit-and-miss dish as its flavor and texture are consistent. They marinated their regular chicken with chili powder, garlic, cumin, paprika, and other spices with a Mexican touch. 

You can eat the chicken as it is, or use this meat option on your burrito bowl or wrap and add their delicious salsa and cheese. The cheese taste in a chicken bowl will elevate its flavor, especially if there is added heat, which is our favorite.

6. Pollo Asado

Calories: 210

Protein: 22g

What We Like About It: Pollo Asado is not “yet” permanent on Chipotle’s menu. However, we would want this to be a staple dish along with Chipotle steak, chicken, and other meat options. They use chicken meat, but its unique taste is far from their regular chicken meal. 

The flavor will shine whether this is mixed on white rice, brown rice, salad, quesadilla, burrito, or anything you want to pair it with. 

Can You Ask for Meat Samples?

Yes, you can ask for meat samples at Chipotle. It gives customers a slight advantage, especially if they are unsure about the meat they want. 

You can also ask for small servings of any meat you want should you want to mix chicken, steak, Carnitas, or any of those on their menu. Chipotle focuses more on their customer’s preferences apart from the flavor of their food. 

What’s the Healthiest Meat at Chipotle? 

The healthiest meat served at Chipotle is their steak. Health-conscious individuals who want protein in their meals can pick steak as their meat option because it only has 150 calories per 4-ounce serving. It is also high in protein.

Where Do They Get Their Meats? 

US farmers negatively view the beef they use, as Chipotle announced that their 100% grass-fed cows are imported from Australia. 

Animals are humanely raised with no hormones added, or antibiotic treatments induced and are purely grass-fed. It makes them tender and juicier, putting Chipotle at the top of the food chain. Fortunately, most of Chipotle’s ingredients are from local farms and markets.

What’s the Most Popular Meat at Chipotle? 

The most popular meat at Chipotle is their Carnitas. Everyone loves to eat Chipotle burritos with this meat in them. The savoriness is satisfying whether you eat it as it is or pair it with white rice or brown rice or even in a salad or wrapped in a tortilla. 

Also, it complements well with a bowl of greens made of Fajita veggies, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, and baby kale. 


Is steak or chicken better at Chipotle?

Steak is better at Chipotle if you are after meat with fewer calories but good flavors. Chipotle chicken is a great option, as these are marinated in the same Chipotle pepper as the steak.

Which Chipotle meat is not spicy?

The Chipotle meat that is not spicy is the Carnitas. It has a bit of spice, but it is more savory than spicy. You can also have a filling meal with Carnitas in a burrito. Add beans, brown rice, or white rice with lots of queso Blanco in your burrito. 

Which Chipotle meat is the most tender?

The most tender Chipotle meat is the Barbacoa. The slow-cooked shoulder parts of the beef pair perfectly with anything on the menu, including salads. Guacamole, or Guac as the resident customers call it, blends perfectly with the taste of Barbacoa too. 

Final Thoughts

The best meat at Chipotle is the Carnitas. The taste of the spices added while it was slow cooked made this dish exceptionally savory. It is also very versatile as you can easily add beans and white rice to make a bowl or a burrito wrap. 

Chipotle is known for its savory dishes, regardless of what meat option it is, pork meat, beef, or chicken. They incorporated flavor into their dishes, making you forget that you are eating at a fast-food restaurant. 

Their focus on flavor has always been their strength, and it is good to know they have not changed over the years. 


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