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Welcome to Kitsune Restaurant

In Japanese folklore, a Kitsune or “fox” is believed to possess magical powers and great intelligence. They are guardians usually found at shrines dedicated to Inari, the God of Good Crops representing good life. That’s exactly what we are. As your Kitsune, we want to make your life easier by providing accessible information on restaurant meal prices, cooking equipment, nutritional guides, and more!

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Our Editorial Policy

Our Main Objective

We started this website to ease your burden when looking for the latest restaurant menu prices - including the opening hours and the happy hour, of course. We have personally experienced driving into our favorite restaurant at a particular hour - hungry and tired - only to find out it’s still closed. Our goal is to spare you the same inconvenience.

Our Product Selection team

Our team is composed of dedicated foodies whose love for eating out, cooking, and grilling - well, food, in general, has made them experts in scouring the latest deals, figuring out secret menus, and saving a ton of money.

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Your Role

We are very responsive to feedback. If you notice something odd, you can drop us a message anytime. We’d love to hear your ideas! We are always open to suggestions straight from our readers.

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